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Gamic Set To Alleviate Poverty In Africa With Just A Smartphone


Jan 28, 2022

Gamic is set to change the lives of Nigerians and Africans at large as it empowers individuals and gives them financial stability.

With the rate at which technology has become the order of the day, companies are developing ways to empower the society and Gamic isn’t left out of this.

From the comfort of your home and with an internet connection, one can play NFT games and earn from it. This is what is called the play-to-earn system.


Gamic is the second product of Artist3, a Blockchain-enabled end-to-end digital ecosystem that deconstructs traditional revenue models by allowing users of the platforms to earn by participating in the ecosystem.

According to Ukeme Okuku co-founder and CEO of Artist3; “Africa has an untapped market for Blockchain and NFT gaming for everyone. Most aspiring players face the challenge of the high cost of buying a starter NFT when they start their Play-to-earn journey. Gamic provides players with Scholarships programs to enable players to start playing these games without breaking the bank, or if you simply don’t have the resources yet to start playing to earn. Gamic Guild plans to make it easier for you to access alternative income streams via play-to-earn games. Our goal is to be the gateway to play2earn for the African continent and also get  150,000 people earning with us in 3 months.”


This opportunity provided by Gamic would also help educate individuals about NFTs, their use and their importance.

Speaking with the Artist3 CTO Michael Anyi, he said; “We have built a gaming guild focused on giving a diverse catalogue of NFT games to our users to play while also providing them with an alternative source of income.” 

To start playing and earning money playing, register HERE.

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For more information, visit the website or Follow @gamicguild on IG, Twitter and Facebook.



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