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Globacom Launches New Auto Credit Service

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Oct 10, 2022

Globacom has unveiled Auto Credit, a new addition to Glo’s E-top-up services, which will provide a seamless transition and connection for customers who run out of credit mid-conversation.

According to a statement released by the business on Sunday, the new service will be incredibly helpful to users who run out of credit in the middle of a discussion by facilitating a smooth transition and connection.

According to the statement, the company’s new E-top-up service will ensure that conversations flow smoothly by giving clients who run out of credit in the middle of a chat quick credit.

The statement also officially debuted Globacom’s Money Master PSB, its payment service bank, which just opened for operation with the overarching goal of advancing the Central Bank of Nigeria’s mission of 95% financial inclusion by 2024.

Globacom’s Head Enterprise Business, Zakari Usman, said, “Globacom has always played at the intersection of technology and life by leveraging technology to facilitate the design and launch of innovative products and services that provide value for all stakeholders while enhancing life”.


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