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Grey Pledges to Continuously Raise the Bar for Service Excellence


Jan 31, 2023

Grey, a leading startup that provides access to foreign accounts for African freelancers and digital nomads, has reaffirmed its dedication to providing cutting-edge and secure global banking solutions to the African market.

As the digital economy continues to grow on our continent, Grey is at the forefront of providing safe and convenient banking solutions to meet the needs of customers and businesses.

With a focus on Africa, Grey has developed a range of services that allow individuals and businesses to easily access and manage their foreign accounts, including currency exchange and access to virtual cards.

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of their platforms provides customers with a seamless experience, while also empowering them to gain control of their financial future and participate in the global economy.

In addition to its core services, Grey is constantly exploring new technologies and partnerships to further enhance its product offerings. This includes the integration of advanced technology to improve fraud protection, data security and increase efficiency.

Grey, formerly Aboki Africa rebranded in February 2022, the rebrand which marked a new chapter for the company and further reiterated the company’s mission to make it easier for digital nomads to live and work in the modern world.

Grey’s CEO/Co-founder Idoreyin Obong said, “At Grey, we remain committed to providing innovative digital payment solutions that empower our users to achieve their financial goals. Furthermore, we believe that by providing access to foreign accounts, we are not just helping our users but also contributing to the development of the African economy.”

The startup’s dedication to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions has made it a trusted brand among its customers, and the company looks forward to continuing to serve the African market in the years to come.

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Grey, co-founded by Idorenyin Obong and Femi Aghedo in 2020, offers foreign accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR to Africans, making it a seamless way to send and receive international payments.



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