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How MTN Foundation is Impacting Lives with Clean Water

ByYinka Okeowo

Feb 7, 2022

Water is one of the most important resources we have on earth; water is required for the existence of life.

It is an essential component of all the biological processes, humans, plants, and animals all depend on water for survival. As humans, we need clean and potable water for our day-to-day activities, to bathe, to cook, to wash, to eat, to relax, and for daily survival.

The human body uses water in all the cells, organs, and tissues, to help regulate body temperature and maintain other bodily functions.

Despite the unarguable importance of water, a lot of rural communities in Nigeria still suffer from a lack of potable water.

The people living within Gudugi Community in Pategi Local Government, Kwara state, for a long time had no access to clean potable water.

The only source of water available to the community was unclean and not safe for consumption, until the intervention of the MTN Foundation.

Speaking on the Foundation’s Intervention, Odunayo Sanya, the Executive Secretary of the MTN Foundation, said “MTN is a company that believes that its success as a business is tied to the wellbeing of the people in the communities in which they operate. Connectivity for us is beyond the services we offer, but for people to live with basic standards of life and have access to the basic things of life. This is why we have tailored our interventions to align with national priorities and the SDGs.”

MTn Foundation water project
MTN Foundation ‘What Can We Do Together’ Initiative

The MTN Foundation has continued to impact rural communities with its several intervention programs including the ‘What Can We Do Together initiative designed to get Nigerians to nominate projects for different communities for consideration. Through the initiative, MTN Nigeria has successfully installed a Solar Powered borehole in several communities across Nigeria.


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