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How Sports Betting is Helping Many Nigerians


Aug 23, 2022
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Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people, and considering how most of this population entertains sports betting, it is very safe to assume that most Nigerians consider sports betting a passive source of income.

Nigerians are passionate about their sports, especially football, and this has extended into their love for sports betting. The fact that they can make money from the sport they love so much is extremely appealing.

The rise in sports betting has also been aided by improving technology, with many Nigerians now having access to mobile phones and affordable internet. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in the country remains high, which has also contributed greatly to the rise in sports betting.

However, Sports’ Betting in Nigeria has become a way to engage people with the same aim and objective, and also with the aim of sharing people’s experience in football and bringing it to reality in sport betting and also with their belief.

How Sports Betting is Adding Value to Nigeria

Apart from recruiting Nigerians into various activities that give them their daily needs, betting companies also create jobs by inviting people to become agents and own physical outlets.

These outlets have become very prevalent in Nigeria, and have provided an excellent source of income for their owners.

The shop owners also have their own employees, who earn their small share from the sports betting jackpot.

In less than 10 years, the sport betting industry has grown vastly and become not just a source of income for many Nigerian bettors but also a large job creation vehicle.

Ordinarily, Nigerians are happy to watch football and celebrate goals of their teams but these days, they do so knowing that every goal counts for something and win, lose or draw; the outcome of the game could matter for more than bragging rights.

Watching and following football games are no longer just a simple recreational pastime; a late winning goal scored is no longer worth just three points. For bettors, it is the difference between loosing and winning big.

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