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How Tempa is Making Group Payments and Money Collection Easier for Nigerians

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Feb 28, 2023

Tempa, a fintech startup in Nigeria, is helping groups and individuals collect payment and enjoy high returns on their savings without hassles.

The app encourages group collections for school groups, alumni associations, estate fees and levy’s (taxes), family trips and weddings.

Tempa offers a simple solution that enables a group of friends, colleagues or family members to save towards a common goal with the incentive of a high return of investments.

As a fintech app, Tempa has made it easy for individuals to fund their Tempa wallets thanks to their integration with other financial institutions.

Since the launch of the v1 of the Tempa app, the team has been focused on perfecting its user experience, app onboarding process and product catalog by working with a team of highly skilled dev engineers, product managers and marketing professionals.

To cater to the needs of their individual users, Tempa added Target Savings and Fixed Deposit Investment products to its catalog.

Aside from saving collectively as a group, the Target Savings product will help users save towards their own individual goals and the Fixed Deposit product will enable users to grow their personal wealth.

With a simple sign up process, you can create a new Tempa group account and invite as many people as possible, or join an existing group by using a group link that will be shared with you by the group creator. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can send money into your group at any time and also track transactions on the go.

Whether you want to start a crowdfunding campaign, alumni association collection or the group savings program popularly known as ‘AJO’ in Nigeria, Tempa is the best place to put your money to work, as it guarantees the security of your funds and a high return on your investments.

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In a conversation with Tempa’s CEO, Kelvin Edogun, he highlighted that “at Tempa, we are committed to solving the challenges associated with group payments and collections in Nigeria. That’s why we are taking our time to build the technological infrastructure that can accommodate the various needs of our users”.

When asked about his growth projections for the app, he said “We are currently in a sprint to acquire 100k active users in 2023”.

Tempa is an easy-to-use platform that helps Nigerians manage their money collections and payments. The team at Tempa have created a simple interface that allows you to collect money, make payments and track transactions from anywhere in the world.

Download the Tempa app on the Google PlayStore today.

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