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How to Be Part of ABC Nigeria and Comercio Hackathon 2022


Oct 1, 2022
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The American Business Council Nigeria (ABC Nigeria) & Comercio Limited in partnership with Private Sector partners are hosting a Cybersecurity Hackathon 2022.

We wish to draw attention to the talents that exist in this space whilst highlighting the need to help build capacity that not only strengthens the cybersecurity ecosystem but also competes on a global level.

It is the desire of ABC and its partners to have the hackathon that will encourage discussions about upskilling and mentorship, cyber-attacks and how to mitigate them, and the state of the nation’s cybersecurity regulatory framework. The Hackathon will award innovators for displaying their level of expertise and skills in developing solutions to cyber challenges.


The Cybersecurity Hackathon is open to students, experts, and freelance cybersecurity personnel who have experience working in the Cybersecurity space and have shown some level of expertise.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

• Applicants must be above 18.

• Have a degree from an accredited tertiary institution.

• Must be a citizen of Nigeria.

• You must indicate previous works done in the Cybersecurity space.

• Not be a govt. agency, public administration, political organization, or non-profit of any type.

• Not be an individual engaged in any illegal activity and not listed on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Sanctions List.

Application process:

Registration link is here.

To register, you need to form a team. A team is made up of 4-6 participants.

Once the team captain registers the team, please wait for a follow up email to join our Discord channel.

Applications are due on October 2nd at 8pm (Nigeria time).

Questions regarding the competition must be submitted via email to mailto:info@abccCyberHackathon.org

Questions and answers will be posted to the ABC website for all potential applicants.

The Hackathon will offer prizes such as Internship Opportunities for winners, Laptops, Cybersecurity Certificates, Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate, Certification for Teams’ Captains, and Merchandise for the teams.

Selection Process

The Cyber Hackathon will have one final round. This will be held from the 3rd to the 4th of October.

The top three will be awarded on the 6th of October at the 2022 Cybersecurity Conference by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.


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