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How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Programme


Jul 28, 2022

Jumia is the leading e-commerce platform in Africa with its marketplace supported by its proprietary logistics business, Jumia Logistics, and its digital payment and fintech platform, JumiaPay.

Jumia Logistics enables the seamless delivery of millions of packages while JumiaPay facilitates online payments and the distribution of a broad range of digital and financial services.

Jumia provides an opportunity for individuals to promote goods and services and get paid a commission for each successful transaction.

So are you a business owner, worker, student or content creator and looking to earn monthly from the comfort of your home? Then take advantage of the Jumia Affiliate Program.

Benefits of Being a Part Of The Program

This program called the Jumia KOL program, introduces a new form of partnership between Jumia and you.

It’s easy to sign up, you can use custom images made for you and build your custom links on your website, App, Blog, as well as Social Media assets to refer your customers to the Jumia website.


The Jumia Affiliate programme allows you to earn up to 9% commision every time someone clicks on the link or image on your site/social media and goes ahead to make a successful purchase on the Jumia website.

And guess what! It’s completely free to register.

Jumia Affiliate Programme

What Are The Steps To Join The Program

All you have to do is visit the Jumia KOL registration portal here and fill in your necessary details. This takes only a few minutes and approval is processed immediately.

We can’t wait to have you join the Jumia Affiliate program.

If you have any questions, kindly contact (kolteam@jumia.com) for further assistance.



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