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How to Use Digital Signage to your Advantage during Peak Shopping Seasons


Dec 15, 2022

Consumers often associate the month of December with bonuses, thirteenth cheques, and generous spirits. But, for retailers, peak shopping periods hopefully translate into more sales. An innovative way to up the ante and out-promote competitors is to capture consumers’ attention with digital signage.

Digital signage holds great power in the retail industry – especially during the holiday season. Nielsen found that four out of five brands experienced up to a 33% increase in sales through digital out-of-home media.

And a Cisco study showed that over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can influence what they buy. With numbers like these, it becomes a competitive tool to use year-round.

Digital signage creates brand visibility and lets retailers display relevant, customised digital content according to the season. Video reels, carousels, or static promotions can be uploaded and swapped instantly to showcase exactly what consumers want when they want it.

While these are excellent reasons to add digital signage to your business, you should also know how this tactic can be optimised for peak shopping seasons like December.

Improve product discovery

Product discovery is a challenge that all retailers face, which is even more relevant over high-traffic periods when a wider variety of new products can be found on shelves.

Here, digital signage can be a powerful tool to influence consumer behaviour in stores. For instance, displaying customer feedback and testimonials can convince shoppers to try products and services they wouldn’t otherwise have tried.

During peak seasons, consider displaying your social media pages on a digital screen or switch to a live feed where customers are talking about your brand online.

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Customer feedback can easily be compiled and packaged for a digital screen by extracting snippets of positive comments, reviews, and pictures from your social feeds or looking for brand conversations on.

This tactic can potentially introduce customers to unfamiliar products and services that could benefit them, thereby shortening the decision process and converting them more easily.

Add value with information

If you’re running specials or offering discounts, digital signage is an attention-grabbing way to reach more customers.

A study showed that 79% of shoppers surveyed leave their shopping for the last two weeks before Christmas. This suggests there will always be procrastinators looking for a quick deal, and the easier you can make it for them to find those deals, the more likely they’ll be to spend their money in your store.

Consider how effective a digital sign is at displaying deals or products you’d like to promote. Compared to more traditional printed shelf wobblers or aisle signage, more people can see digital signs from greater distances because of their movement, lighting, and prominence.

You can also display more content on a digital sign and change it immediately without the long lead times associated with printed material.

Over peak periods, retailers need to adapt quickly – if a certain on-sale item has sold out, you can simply update your digital sign to focus on a different item instead of switching out printed signs which are costly and time-consuming.

Choosing the perfect digital display

The digital signage industry is forecasted to grow 8.6% annually from 2021 to 2026, showing that more retailers will use it as a promotional channel. However, even the most beautiful animations and strategically curated festive videos won’t grab attention if they’re displayed on a dull screen.

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LG Digital Signage solutions for retail includes a range that is perfect for small convenience stores, large shopping malls and quick service restaurants.

The solutions boasts superior display quality with high color reproduction, wide-viewing angle and outstanding brightness and can be leveraged as a marketing platform connecting the brand with consumers, enabled by SuperSign CMS and LG ConnectedCare.

From eye-catching designs to interesting engagement opportunities, digital displays are a great way to stay relevant during the holiday season and beyond.

Now’s the time to quickly communicate information to influence buying behaviour and decisions – all in a visually attractive way.



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