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Huawei Ads Empowers Advertisers to Reach Millions Using its Smart Device and App


Feb 10, 2022

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is driving opportunity for brands across Africa enabling them to directly engage with millions of Huawei smart device and app users.

The new HUAWEI Ads platform is a real-time Advertising Exchange through which media companies can bid for ad impressions, app downloads, app installs, search ads and, display ads, using programmatic technology.

As publishers, developers can begin to enjoy a new revenue stream from in-app advertising through our ads kit integration.

The service enables brands to reach users of Huawei devices, third-party apps, and Huawei apps such as HUAWEI AppGallery, HUAWEI Browser, HUAWEI Assistant, HUAWEI Music, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Themes, and Petal Search.

This exciting new offering enables both publishers and advertisers to gain exclusive access to a large consumer market that has never been accessible before, while complying with relevant privacy regulations.

HUAWEI Ads also enables publishers to achieve higher fill-rates and eCPM (effective cost per mile), with the potential to increase revenue through yield management based on their ad stack strategy.

Complementing this feature, the self-service demand-side platform (DSP) uses programmatic technology to enable agencies with a powerful tool for their clients’ marketing campaigns.

Advertisers and media planning agencies that register with HUAWEI Ads can take advantage of an exceptional partner program, where they can maximise their returns by leveraging notable features such as unique incentives, performance tracking, and detailed metrics like client retention and more.

Advertisers can also take the opportunity to showcase their outstanding performance as a HUAWEI Ads Certified Partner.

HUAWEI Ads supports diverse media formats, including splash, native, banner, interstitial, and rewarded ads.

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Huawei is also working on adding additional device types, including internet-enabled TVs, tablets, PCs and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be included as part of the offering and  program.



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