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Hyperspace Technologies Unveils Keymaster VAULT; A Low-Cost, NFC- Based Hardware Wallet for African Market

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Mar 20, 2023

Hyperspace Technologies, a Lagos-based Web3 startup specializing in next-level smart security infrastructure and key management systems, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking product, the Keymaster VAULT.

Designed to cater to the African market, Keymaster VAULT is a secure, NFC-based hardware wallet that stores private keys offline, offering an affordable and user-friendly alternative to expensive and complicated traditional hardware wallets.

Leveraging the simplicity of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the Keymaster VAULT allows users to securely access their digital assets by merely tapping their NFC-enabled devices.

This eliminates complex installation processes, making the wallet an ideal choice for both cryptocurrency novices and experienced users. With offline storage of private keys, the wallet significantly reduces the risk of hacks and malware attacks associated with online storage.

Chidera Anyanebechi Hyperspace Technologies
Chidera Anyanebechi, GM, Hyperspace Technologies

“We wanted to create a wallet that combines the highest level of security with ease of use, making cryptocurrency storage accessible to a broader audience in Africa,” said Chidera Anyanebechi, General Manager of Hyperspace Technologies.

“The Keymaster VAULT not only provides an affordable solution but also offers enterprise clients the ability to leverage blockchain-based identity and access management, which we believe will be a game-changer in the industry”, Anyanebechi explained.

The Keymaster VAULT’s advanced encryption technology ensures the utmost security for users’ digital assets. Its compact design and portability make it a convenient choice for individuals and businesses looking to store their digital assets securely without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated setups.

“The African market has long been underserved when it comes to secure and affordable hardware wallet solutions,” added Anyanebechi. “We are excited to bring the Keymaster VAULT to our customers and empower them with a hardware wallet that not only protects their digital assets but also opens doors for innovative applications in blockchain-based identity and access management.”

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The Keymaster VAULT is now available for purchase at https://keymaster.ng, giving cryptocurrency enthusiasts and enterprise clients across Africa a secure, affordable, and user-friendly hardware wallet solution.

Keymaster Vault by Hyperspace.ng
Keymaster Vault by Hyperspace.ng

More about Hyperspace Technologies

Hyperspace Technologies is a cutting- edge Web3 startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is dedicated to developing next-level smart security infrastructure and key management systems for the rapidly growing digital asset space.

Hyperspace Technologies’ commitment to security, accessibility, and affordability drives its mission to empower the African cryptocurrency community with user- friendly tools and products.

For more information, visit https:// hyperspace.ng.



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