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Industry Leaders to Converge, Discuss Digital Infrastructure at ICTEL Expo

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Aug 12, 2022

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has perfected plans for the successful execution of the 2022 Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication (ICTEL) Expo, which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31st, and Thursday, September 1, 2022.

The 8th edition of the ICTEL Expo is themed “Ensuring Effective Digital Infrastructure in Nigeria,” offering stakeholders, entrepreneurs, government researchers, investors, venture capitalists, and tech startups the opportunity to engage in robust discussions on the government’s plans to grow the digital economy.

The event will be held at the Muson Centre, Lagos, and also streamed live on social media platforms. The event is designed to provide an open window into the latest innovations, implementations, interactive exhibitions, and strategies to drive businesses forward.

At a press briefing in Lagos, Asiwaju Olawale-Cole, President of LCCI, said the focus of the event is very appropriate and timely, not just because of digitization as a contemporary topic, but because Africa and Nigeria seem to be very slow in coming to terms with the far-reaching implications of an increasingly digitalized world.

He said although the government has demonstrated some level of considerable interest in a digital economy as being manifested in the change of the name of the former Ministry of Communications to the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

Asiwaju, however, said a lot will have to be done to ensure that government agencies are truly digital and their services truly accessible.

“The government’s announcement of the target of $40 billion in private capital investment in digital infrastructure by 2025 is welcome. Besides facilitating about N$1 billion USD in private equity, this is commendable and deserves focus, and that is the focus of the current year’s ICTEL Expo.

“We strongly believe that the initiative by the government, if properly implemented, will not only create an environment for a vibrant digital economy but also impact job creation, enhance entrepreneurship, and reduce criminality.”

He said the ICTEL Expo is significant because it will provide a great opportunity to influence the national discourse on digital infrastructure in Nigeria.


He added that the Expo was imperative for businesses and professionals who would be impacted by efficient and digital infrastructure.

“The expo will provide the required information, very robust discussion, and issue inspiration, which many small and medium enterprises need in their quest for knowledge, business growth, and substitutability.”

In his remarks, Eng. Leye Kupoluyi, Vice President & Chairman, Trade Promotion, commended the sponsors and partners such as the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), and Galaxy Backbone, for providing the needed support for the event.

According to Seriki Oyediran, Director, Trade Promotions, LCCI, the objective is to create a platform that will allow stakeholders to thrive and drive excellence in the technology business, both corporate and individual.

He said it was imperative to look at what the telcos are doing, the new innovations and products.

“The ICT and telecom industries in Nigeria are the fastest growing in the continent, so it is significant to bring them to Expo to give insights.”

He said the event will provide an excellent networking opportunity for business decision-makers, innovation managers, enterprise solution providers, start-ups, ICT academics, OEMs, investors, and other players in the ICT and telecom sectors (indigenous and foreign).



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