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Kaddex’s X-Wallet on Kadena Network is Now Available on iOS, Android


Jul 19, 2022

Kaddex (KDX), the first Gas Free Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Kadena, Monday officially released its X-Wallet app through both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With X-Wallet, Kaddex has built the premier wallet on the Kadena blockchain, allowing users to explore DeFi and more on Kadena’s multi-chain ecosystem with speed, safety, and simplicity.

The X-Wallet app has been designed to be extremely user friendly, and allows users to send and receive any assets built on the Kadena network such as tokens or NFTs.

It allows for executing cross-chain transfers, viewing transactions, and more. Full Kadena dApp interaction is available with the X-Wallet Chrome extension, and will soon be available on iOS and Android. 

X-Wallet generates secure keys and passwords that only the user will have access to. By default, all accounts created within X-Wallet are secure k:accounts. In addition, users can recover Chainweaver (Kadena’s official wallet) password seed phrases, and quickly regenerate existing accounts. 

X-Wallet is the only wallet that now supports all tokens on the Kadena network. It provides everything a user needs to interact with the ecosystem, and more features will continually be added as Kadena evolves. 

Kaddex app on Kadena
The app

Kaddex’s CEO, Nicholas Ramsrud commented “We are beyond delighted to finally release the X-Wallet on the App Store and Google Play today. Kaddex as a company is firmly committed to building a more scalable and secure blockchain ecosystem. We believe that Kadena is using the best technology to do so, which is why we love building useful tools to help it grow.”

Kaddex takes advantage of Kadena’s advanced infrastructure, including Kadenaswap, to build a robust Gas-free DEX that allows for single-sided liquidity provision, staking, and advanced governance through the use of community trust signaling. 


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