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MAX Expands Mobility Solution to Ghana

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Nov 7, 2022

In 2021, following its $31 million Series B round, Nigerian mobility tech startup MAX said the fund will facilitate its expansion into Ghana and Egypt in 2022.

The startup’s target has started coming into play following its entry into the Ghanaian market and appointment of David Hoyme as Director of International Growth and Expansion.

MAX seeks to decentralise its urban mobility solution across Africa and then the world. 

According to Tolu Williams, Head of E-mobility at MAX, the official rollout in Ghana is a necessary step on the mission to address the perennial problems around urban and rural mobility across the African continent.

A notable attribute of MAX is its zeal to reduce global warming, ensuring the planet is in good health and the environment is greener by reducing carbon emission that goes into the earth’s atmosphere. The startup has developed Electric Vehicles in Africa as an eco-friendly and equally effective means of mobility.

The company works with transport operators in the informal sector, delivering increased income generation, financial inclusion, access to high-quality vehicles, training, support services, insurance, healthcare, emergency response and other value-added services all aimed at empowering them.

Speaking further on MAX’s commitment, Tolu Williams said: “A lot of the problems we face today as a continent are rooted in mobility. We believe that the future of innovation and sustainable growth in Africa will rest on access to sectors like education, health, and finance, all driven by mobility. This is why we are committing significant resources and establishing long-term partnerships with some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers to bring sustainable mobility solutions to people in urban and rural areas.” 

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MAX affirms to have made over 17 million trips, operates in seven cities, have covered over 150 million kilometres with an average annual driver revenue of $5,000.



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