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Meet Julius Osumah Who is Customising Fintech Experience for Africans


Jul 6, 2022

One man who understands how to create multiple layers of value in business development is Julius Osumah.

He is a businessman, media mogul, PR and communication expert, and serial entrepreneur.

He began his professional career as a brand communication specialist, working in several of Nigeria’s top advertising, brand marketing, PR and marketing communication companies.

He is an alumnus of Vega, the renowned school of brand innovation based in South Africa.

Julius Osumah has established his credibility in media, broadcast, business development, marketing, and strategic media exposure.

His experience cuts across the African continent, spanning PR, marketing, sales, brand innovation and business development.

Today, Julius has translated his experience and skills into a services revolution, helping business and start ups set up their footprints in the ever-evolving, busy and emerging African market, and in Nigeria in particular.

So, what new thing is he working on? Julius says that his latest venture is developing a product to help fintech/technology startups go to market with their offerings.

He says that he has found a new love in fintech startups because it is a market that has not yet been fully exploited.

“Nigerians are resilient and strong-willed people who want what they want when they want it. That itself is one funnel that can lead to several unique, customised experience that warms the heart,” he told the media.

Because Julius is particularly potent with knocking on doors to trigger B2B cum corporate business relationships for profit, he is poised to bring together key players that would birth this new vision and make a success of it.

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Julius Osumah developed a truly an exceptional and forward-looking marketing idea which he aptly labelled “Customizing The Experience”.

The nascent advent of financial technology services has clearly defined the future of customer experience, and those who can customise the user journey to break into a set of classic experiences will clearly own the largest pie among category competitors said Julius.

Julius says business development for fintech is like ‘making a special meal for a loved one’. “You have to put your heart into the process’’ said Julius. This is the day for start-ups to truly customize their offerings because the customer of technology has the audacity of choice.

The audacity of choice is a powerful influence that needs to be satisfied with a tailored customer experience filled with unique benefits or loyalty rewards at every turn.

Right from the year 2017 to 2021, about 144 Fintech companies have registered their presence in Nigeria.

This, itself, proves that there is a market, but just there being a market is not enough to match the innovation professed and the technology deployed.

Delivering on their promises is the key differentiating factor that divides effort from success.



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