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Meet the first cohort of Wex Ambassador Network

ByYinka Okeowo

Jun 1, 2022
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In recognition of the vast talent within the UK imaging industry, specialist retailer Wex Photo Video has Tuesday announced the launch of the Wex Ambassador Network.

The 12-month programme will see six carefully selected ambassadors offering unique insight to their careers and processes, practical ‘behind the scenes’ advice and creative inspiration, with the aim to encourage and support not only one another, but the wider community.

Ambassadors Jenny Alice, Aneesa Dawoojee, Tom Mason, Alys Tomlinson, Ron Timehin and Daniel Regan will collaborate with Wex to create a range of thought-provoking content in their own unique styles, using a variety of equipment and techniques.

Focusing on current trends, passions and interests, the content will include photography and videos featured on Wex’s website and social channels, and further supported with events and news articles.

Paul Wareham, Marketing Director at Wex said, “We wouldn’t be here without the talented professionals with whom we’ve collaborated with over the last 25 years and we want to celebrate the fantastic community we’ve built. This year, the Wex Ambassador Network will promote and support these six incredible creatives through their endeavours and we are extremely excited about the content we are going to create, the relationships we will build and the potential growth of the programme over the coming years.”  

Meet the Ambassadors:

Jenny Alice

A commercial videographer, Sony Pro Filmmaking ambassador and educator based in the UK.

With over a decade of experience in the field, she has developed a fantastic reputation in the industry.

Aneesa Dawoojee

A social documentary, sport and portrait photographer hailing from South London. Born in Streatham Vale, Aneesa’s heart belongs to her community and she is driven to support young people from the local area and beyond to follow their creative paths.

Tom Mason

A professional wildlife photographer from the UK and a Nikon Europe Optics Ambassador. Tom has worked for multiple companies, agencies and publications globally, shooting in locations from the Falklands to the Amazon Rainforest. 

Alys Tomlinson

Alys was born in 1975 and grew up in Brighton. After completing a degree in English Literature, she studied photography at Central Saint Martins and recently completed an MA (Distinction) in Anthropology at SOAS, University of London.

Now based in London, Alys is most interested in the relationship between people and place, exploring themes of environment, belonging and identity. 

Ron Timehin

A professional photographer, director and producer based in London. Ron has established a varied client list that consists of commissioned work for some major brands, including Apple, Adidas, American Express, Christian Louboutin, Disney, Nike, Prada and Google. 

His recent film project Fortitude explored the varied stories and societal perspectives of Black Londoners and has received several plaudits.

Daniel Regan

An explorer of complex and difficult emotional experiences, focusing on the transformational impact of arts on mental health. Building on his own lived experience, Daniel examines themes of wellbeing and brokers dialogue around often taboo topics in society.

As a part of his practice, he shoots, commissions, devises and delivers socially engaged projects and provides consultancy on arts and health projects.


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