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 Microsoft Introduces new Features on Azure for Telcos

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Feb 27, 2023

Microsoft has introduced new features for telcos using its Azure cloud services.

These new features focus on four key areas, including network transformation, automation and AI, network-aware applications and ubiquitous computing from cloud to edge. They are aimed at providing applications that are connected anywhere and anytime, thus enabling the future of the sector.

In line with this, Microsoft has also unveiled its next-gen hybrid cloud platform, Azure Operator Nexus, which is designed to drive lower total cost of ownership for its partners. This platform enables the running of carrier-grade workloads on-premises and on Azure, helping telcos modernize and monetize their existing infrastructure.

Microsoft is utilizing a modern network infrastructure to provide applications that can be seamlessly connected globally, as it expands partnerships with the telecommunications industry.

Added to the above, Microsoft has also bolstered its goal achievement with the launch of Azure Communications Gateway which connects fixed and mobile networks to Teams; Azure Operator Voicemail, a service that allows operators to migrate their voicemail services to Azure as a fully managed service; and two new “AIOps” services including Azure Operator Insights and Azure Operator Service Manager have also been launched. 

Operator Insights utilizes machine learning to aid operators in interpreting the huge volumes of data they acquire from their network operations and troubleshooting potential problems. Service Manager further assists operators in obtaining insights into their network configurations. Furthermore, Azure Private 5G Core and Microsoft’s multi-access edge compute (MEC) service are now available commercially.

These new features and platforms demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to the telecommunications industry, providing cost-effective solutions that are optimized for the future.


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