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MTN Targets Nigerian Businesses with New Premium Wi-Fi

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

May 24, 2022

There is a new Premium Wi-Fi that will allow businesses in Nigeria to enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity and better coverage that connects well-optimized wireless devices in the market.

The Premium Wi-fi was launched by the leading mobile operator in Nigeria, MTN, in collaboration with Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei to ensure that businesses have the best in-home wireless Internet experience possible.

Also, the move is in a bid to continuously fine-tune end-users experience on the network.

The Premium Wi-Fi can playback the historical home wireless networks’ performance in the last seven days. It demarcates faults based on speed tests by segment and diagnoses major issues in just one click, in order to rectify problems in the cloud.

A self-trouble shooting function on a mobile app provided by MTN Nigeria enables home broadband users to solve some network problems by themselves, allowing them to manage all broadband performance much easier.

According to MTN Nigeria’s Chief Technical Officer, Mohammed Rufai, the Premium Wi-Fi deployment is geared around delivering a superior user experience with high technology.

With the variety of smart home devices multiplying by the day and endless new types of services being created to land on them, there needs to be, better home network quality. Given that most of the apps will be youth-oriented video clips and online games, that calls for a lot of management.

“Home network experience has become a vital area in improving network quality for MTN Nigeria,” said Rufai.

“We want to solve problems such as Wi-Fi interference, coordination between home network terminals, and Wi-Fi coverage which occurs frequently and leads to a large proportion of user complaints.”

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In order to improve user experience, MTN Group partnered with Huawei to launch the Autonomous Driving Network project.

This introduces the home network manager to clever new practices such as target architecture design, autonomous level evaluation, and high-value use-cases of autonomous networks.

“With this, we can proactively identify and accurately locate fault points on home networks. It will help us improve O&M efficiency and reduce customer complaints,” said Daniel Smith, a senior engineer with the MTN Group.

“In the future, MTN and Huawei will implement more innovations in network automation and intelligence and quickly deploy them on the live network.”



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