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Nigeria Computer Society Prepares Young Innovators via TIDP Bootcamp


The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) continues to provide the platform for innovations to thrive, and the latest is the launch of the Technology Innovation Development Programme (TIDP) for young innovators in Nigeria.

After the TIDP was launched, it attracted about 72 applications from Nigerians who either had ideas or solutions to societal challenges.

Specifically, NCS wanted ideas (entries/applications) from different technology segments such as cybersecurity/critical infrastructure protection, financial technologies (FinTech), electoral systems, E-government/digital economy, smart cities, intelligent systems and robotics, teleworking and platforms, industry 5.0, digital games, messaging platforms.

After rigorous scrutiny of all the ideas by industry experts, only 5 ideas, which formed the 5 teams (RecordDigita, CashFog, Thrively, GasCheck, and UniXP), were selected.

It was this whole process that led to the ongoing bootcamp in Lagos. The TIDP Bootcamp started on the 5th of September and ends on the 9th of September 2022.

The 5-day workshop/bootcamp is about mentorship, critiquing, and fine-tuning their ideas into working systems while developing tools, solutions, and technologies for enhancing the economic development of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the NCS is providing the necessary support for young developers through the Tech-Innovation Development Fund (NTIDF).

The Tech-Innovation Development Fund is to support individuals in private or public organizations willing to conduct developmental research and innovations in information technology.

Individuals and corporate organizations are welcome to donate to this fund. But Zinox Technologies is the only organization that has contributed to this fund. Zinox is the major sponsor for the TIDP.

At the Bootcamp

Many of the ICT industry leaders were present on the first day of the bootcamp in Lagos, including the mentors and various committees who are working with the various teams to ensure that their ideas come to fruition.

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Addressing the innovators at the bootcamp, Professor Adesina S. Sodiya, President at NCS, assured the various teams that Society was committed to offering maximum support and providing the necessary things to ensure they are completely focused on fine-tuning their ideas.

Professor Adesina S. Sodiya, President at NCS

Professor Adesina said the teams would be invited again by the NCS for a second bootcamp 3 months later—this time, the ideas must have been transformed into a finished product.

“At the moment, it’s all about laying the foundation, learning, working with you, scaling, and presenting the ideas to the mentors who will provide the guidance needed to transform the ideas into a finished product.”


According to him, brand new laptops each will be given to all members of the team and other forms of financial support would be made available to keep the innovators focused and motivated.

Olusoji Okoye, Head of Research and Programs, NCS, said it was necessary to provide the platform for innovators who have ideas that can be transformed into solutions which is in line with its mandate.

He charged the various teams to take advantage of the opportunities the NCS has presented through this program and showcase their innovations.

Nigeria’s ICT Oracle – Chris Uwaje speaking at the TIDP bootcamp

“We are not looking for a product, it is the idea that matters to us at NCS. Some of the 72 applications we recorded were finished products, not ideas. What we want is an idea that can be crystallized into a product that will be for national development.”

“We want to leave an indelible mark in such a way that we put you in the position to contribute your quota and improve this country with your IT products.”

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Teams at the Bootcamp

The 5 teams at the ongoing bootcamp are RecordDigita, CashFog, Thrively, GasCheck, and UniXP. They all presented their ideas to a team of experts who were there to guide them on what needed to be done to ensure the ideas are transformed into a finished product.

TIDP Mentors

Team CashFog

Team CashFog is focused on developing a payment solution for the financially excluded especially in the northern part of Nigeria where payment technologies are still novel. The team aims to solve the problem of financial exclusion.

Team GasCheck

The team developed a tech solution that detects and controls gas leakages. The solution uses a mobile application, a base, and a gas cylinder. Users of this solution automatically receive a call or text message when gas leakage is detected.

Team RecordDigita

This team developed a technology solution that allows government agencies and private organizations to track all correspondence. With the solution, users will be able to track any correspondence in the organization.

Team UniXP

UniXp is a product of extensive research and planning. The founders of UniXP being students themselves have first-hand experience with various problems on campus which include unreliable dissemination of authentic information on campus, difficulty navigating and identifying certain buildings/landmarks within the school environment as fresh students, difficulty keeping track of their schedule and files, and also difficulty in connecting suitable tutors and other students services to students to reduce stress and increase productivity, that is where UniXP as an application comes in.

Team Thrively

The team is working on a digital currency solution that will aid socio-economic development. The application will solve the problems of payment and exchange rates through tokenization. With the solution, anybody can send or transfer assets.



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