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Nigeria Info Announces 3rd ‘I Beg to Differ’ Student Debate

ByYinka Okeowo

May 18, 2022

Nigeria’s leading radio station, 99.3 Nigeria Info, has announced the launch of the third edition of the “I Beg To Differ” Student Debate Tournament.

This is in a bid to reinforce its longstanding promise to support the development of the nation’s educational ecosystem by creating educationally-led initiatives designed to equip Nigerian youths with the necessary skills needed to aid the development of ground-breaking solutions.


The competition, which is specially designed for secondary school students nationwide, is scheduled to commence in May 2022.

This is to enable secondary school students between the ages of thirteen to seventeen years to demonstrate their intellectual ability to critically assess issues of both global and national importance.

Speaking on the commencement of the third episode of the competition, Serge Noujaim, the Chief Executive Officer of Cool FM, Wazobia FM, and Nigeria Info, noted that the “I Beg To Differ” Student Debate Tournament is built to provide Nigerian students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity through public speaking, particularly on socio-economic and political matters that concerns Nigeria.

“We, as a youth-focused brand, have come to the full realisation of the need to champion the creation of an enabling platform that encourages Nigerian youths to showcase their creativity through effective communication. This is because we believe that being able to communicate both effectively and intelligently creates an avenue for objective criticisms to be made on socio-political concerns that directly matter to Nigeria’s overall growth and development. It is on this backdrop that we are commencing the third edition in order to provide young Nigerians with the chance to develop their communicative competencies,” he said.

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Supporting the CEO’s statement, Femi Obong-Daniels, the General Manager, Corporate Affairs for Cool FM, Wazobia FM, and Nigeria Info stated that Nigeria Info is passionate about championing initiatives that contribute to the development of Nigerian youths nationwide.

“We, as a brand, understand the need to contribute towards the development of youths across the nation. This is because we are aware of the essential role that we play in shaping the lives of people, particularly that of Nigerian youths. It is on this premise that we strongly believe that the “I Beg To Differ” Student Debate Tournament is designed to build future leaders that will positively impact the growth and development of the nation,” he noted.

The “I Beg To Differ” Student Debate Tournament is a youth-driven initiative of Nigeria Info that contributes to the development of the intellectual capacity of Nigerian students on a national scale.



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