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Odudu Ime Otu receives N50m worth of prizes as Gulder Ultimate Search season 12 winner


Jan 23, 2022

The venue was Cilantro in Lagos; the date was Friday, the time was 5 pm, and the mood was elegant as Nigerian Breweries hosted Nigerians to the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Winners Party where Odudu Ime Otu received the crown!

Odudu Ime Otu crowned Gulder Ultimate Search winner (4)
Odudu Ime Otu crowned Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 winner

The overwhelming success of this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search spread to the winners’ party that was graced by hundreds of Nigerians while thousands more followed it online.

The warm atmosphere was appropriate for the presence of cold Gulder that has now become a favourite since it was relaunched as a craft beer.

Odudu Ime Otu, the winner of this season’s Gulder Ultimate Search, was crowned after finding Akolo’s chest on the final day after battling 17 other contestants who made it into the jungle with him.

Odudu Ime Otu was presented with N50 million worth of prizes, including the key to an SUV courtesy of Innoson motors and a return ticket to Dubai.

The youngest of the finalists expressed delight in being the ultimate craftsman. He thanked Nigerian breweries for the opportunity given to him and other contestants.

He said: “First, I would like to thank Nigerian Breweries, organisers of Gulder Ultimate Search, for bringing back the show. I had fond memories of it growing up and was sad when it went off the air. I could not contain my delight when it returned for Season 12 in 2021.

“I did not hesitate to put in my application, and despite getting into the jungle as a wildcard, I was determined to make the best use of the opportunity. This rare opportunity has changed my life for good, and I am truly grateful to Nigerian breweries, their sponsors and partners, as well as my fellow contestants.”

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Emmanuel Oriakhi, who is the marketing director of Nigerian Breweries, attributed the success of this season’s Gulder Ultimate Search to the organisers, sponsors and partners, crew members, the contestants and all Nigerians.

Emmanuel said: “The return of Gulder Ultimate Search coincided with our relaunch of Gulder as a craft beer, and Nigerians have overwhelmingly accepted both.

“There is a reason Gulder Ultimate Search is the biggest reality TV show in Nigeria, making heroes out of our youths and providing a platform that nurtures the value of team spirit and individual competitiveness. We are grateful to everyone here today for being part of our success story. We say thank you.”

Photos from the Season 12 winners party:

Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 contestants

Odudu Ime Otu, Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12

Odudu Ime Otu

Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12  winner



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