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Online Tools and Tips to Identify Fake News

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Feb 24, 2023

We are in the era of fake news. Nigeria will conduct one of the most interesting presidential elections in the history of the country tomorrow, February 25, 2023. Supporters from various political parties use fake news and propaganda to promote or demote other presidential candidates.

The problem is that detecting fake news can be challenging. Remember, spotting fake news requires a critical eye and a healthy dose of skepticism. By using some of the tools and strategies, outlined below, you can help protect yourself from fake news and misinformation.

Fact-checking websites: Fact-checking websites such as FactCheck.org, Snopes.com, and PolitiFact.com can assist you in determining whether a news story is true or false.

Examine the source: Examine the website or social media account from which the news story originated. Is it a reputable news outlet or a lesser-known website with a shady reputation?


Examine the date: Sometimes fake news stories are old stories that are being circulated as if they were new. Check the story’s publication date to ensure it is current.

Be skeptical: If a news story appears to be too outrageous or unbelievable, it could be a hoax. Use your critical thinking skills to question the story’s source and accuracy.

Look for confirmation: Look for other credible sources that are covering the same news story. If the story is only being reported by one source, it is possible that it is false.



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