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Opeoluwa Okosun, a Tech Leader Impacting Communities


Jul 5, 2022

Early exposure of pupils, right from nursery class on computer education would spur their interest in technology adoption.

This was the view of Opeoluwa Okosun (Mrs.) a technology enthusiast, when she took her tech talk campaign to Victory Home School, Ikeja.

Okosun, a Chartered Arbitrator, a certified ISO auditor and COBIT professional with over 20 years work experience, said technology remains the future, stressing that the early pupils are exposed to ICT education, the better for the country.

tech Leader donates books to students in Lagos
L-r: Omowunmi Omodunke (Mrs.), Assistant Head Teacher, Victory Home School, Ikeja; pupils of the school and Opeoluwa Okosun (Mrs.), when she had a tech talk and distribution of books to the pupils, in Lagos.

Through her ‘Project Start Young in Tech,’ which she started in 2020, Okosun said the project was initiated to create awareness, educate, mentor and empower youths early with the basic skills in technology.

Opeoluwa Okosun believes that helping to provide the youths early, with the platform and resources to pursue careers in technology can certainly go a long way in positively impacting their lives and giving them opportunities for entrepreneurship or as skilled workers in the area of technology in the future.

She is optimistic that this will help create and sustain great development towards a digital economy in Nigeria and Africa, in the near future.

At Victory Home School, Okosun, who currently works with a Digital Technology Multinational Organisation in Nigeria, explained how to recognize opportunities in technology and how to utilize these opportunities.

According to her, the ‘Project Start Young in Tech,’ targets students in the primary and secondary schools, which also provides mentorship.


Speaking to close to 100 students at Victory Home School, Opeoluwa Okosun sensitized and gave them insights on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which she described as a critical element in competing with the very best.

She told the students that generating an interest in STEM subjects early was a step in the right direction on their path to becoming tech professionals, which she claimed would be money spinner for early adopters.

The high point of the tech talk saw the donation of her book titled: ‘Basic Computer for Young Beginners,’ a computer guidebook for beginners in computer, to the pupils and the sch.

She said the book introduces readers to the basic knowledge required to properly operate and interact with a computer.

“We are donating the books at no cost to young people especially students from underprivileged backgrounds, as part of my initiative to ignite their interest towards taking STEM subjects and subsequently pursuing careers in technology,” she stated.

Going forward, Okosun emphasized that she planned carrying out advanced training programs for students from indigent communities and background whom have been identified to have genuine interest in technology.   

According to her, they will prepare them for certification courses for free and pay for the certification exams, among others and ensure there is afterschool training and boot camps on programs like coding, website development and so on.



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