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PPC Equips Nizamiye Hospital with Cath-Lab

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Jan 26, 2023
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PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company with footprints across Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, has successfully completed the installation of a Cath-Lab at Nizamiye Hospital in Abuja, to aid efficient medical operations.

The project involved the installation of Philips Azurion 3 F15 Cath-Lab, a smart imaging equipment, designed to perform a wide range of routine and complex clinical procedures with clear imaging resolutions that helps clinicians optimize lab performance.

Cath-Lab in Nizamiye Hospital
Cath-Lab in Nizamiye Hospital

Through PPC’s partnership with Philips, a global leader in health technology, Nizamiye hospital was equipped with the capability to perform image-guided therapy that allows the hospital to give superior care and perform clinical procedures with ease.

The use of the innovative Philips Azurion Cath-Lab will help clinicians at Nizamiye Hospital administer reliable and ​precise medical diagnostics while carrying out smooth clinical interventions.

PPC’s expertise in ELV installation enabled the seamless installation of all electrical systems, lighting, UPS systems, hemodynamics and electrophysiology systems in the Cath-Lab.

Dr Chikara Nwoke, the Head of PPC Healthcare, said, “The project is one of the many ways PPC collaborates with hospitals, supports patient care and improves the quality of healthcare delivery in the country. The need to ensure patients are given the right healthcare outcomes and patient experience means providing clinicians with dependable diagnostic tools.

“The use of medical technologies is one of the ways to limit risks associated with inaccurate diagnosis and improve the quality of life of patients,” he added.

To ensure optimal uptime for the equipment, PPC also provides best-in-class maintenance support which involves the training of in-house technical personnel, after-sales repair services and preventive maintenance services.

The Cath-Lab’s unique features such as ClarityIQ technology, which reduces radiation exposure to patients and staff in the interventional lab, Zero Dose Positioning, which provides intuitive feedback on positioning the region of interest in the image beam without using fluoroscopy; coupled with MRC x-ray tubes and powerful real-time image processing for excellent imaging, makes it a perfect fit for safe and accurate clinical procedures.

PPC Healthcare is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through the installation of advanced medical equipment for clinical investigation, diagnosis and treatment across healthcare facilities in every state of Nigeria.


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