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​Reasons to Attend Digivation Future Summit 2022

ByYinka Okeowo

Jun 6, 2022

Digivation Networks, the organizer of the DigiVation Future Summit, has disclosed three focus areas, which the summit scheduled to hold on June 22, 2022, at the Radisson Hotel, Ikeja-Lagos will be anchored upon.

These focus areas according to the organizer are; Governance, Innovation and People. The DigiVation Future Summit will also dwell on the social-political ecosystem in a society driven by digital minds and innovative technology.

“The DigiVation Future Summit will be anchored on Governance, Innovation and People. It discusses now with an eye on the future. A platform to articulate issues about the millennials and future generation with a mind towards building a better tomorrow,” said Dr. Bayero Agabi, Founder of Digivation Networks in a statement.

With the theme: ‘The Future Now’, the organizer noted that the summit also has Sub-themes around technology, enterprise, governance policy, innovation and digital content/YouTubers. It noted that this year’s edition features Digital Content Assembly to discuss digital content creation, impact on broadcasting and YouTubers.


“Time to discuss the future today. Digital content panel/Assembly of the digivation future summit is designed to Focus on the present while keeping an eye on the future, christened digital Content assembly, which is meant to delve into a number of key topics impacting content creation,” the statement added.

From social media impact to broadcasting, misinformation, social media for the voiceless, monetization and its economy. The digital Content Assembly of DFS is the leading platform for the broadcast, production, content delivery, digital media and satellite sectors.

Digivation Network is led by experts with over two decades of experience and the only platform to have won the UNECA prestigious award twice for best content and balance research with well over 100 national and international awards. It is undoubtedly one of Africa’s leading tech platforms on TV.



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