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Reimagine Learning: Introduce your Child to Developmental Games for Upskilling


Aug 11, 2022

Learning is just as great for your children as it is having fun, especially within your home.  As a parent or guardian, you may find yourself thinking about the various ways you can keep your children entertained after school and on weekends.

While finding various entertainment for your children is ideal, it’s also a perfect opportunity to introduce them to activities that will keep them curious, entertained and upskilled.

If your children are already spending some time watching videos on your phone, why not introduce them to some games on AppGallery that will keep them thinking, problem solving and learning on.

Puzzle games for problem solving

Provide your children with the opportunity to thrive when presented with challenges. Puzzle games like Jigsaw Puzzles enhance your child’s level of problem-solving skills, through a trial-and-error method to finding solutions.

Moving around puzzle pieces and solving where they fit in not only teaches problem-solving but patience and perseverance.

Fishdom introduces your child to a world of underwater adventure. They can try challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique puzzles, as they decorate aquariums to create cozy spaces for fish. The game gives them an opportunity to swap and match pieces and aquarium, all in one puzzle game! And best of all, no Wifi or internet connection is required to play.

Sport games to promote strategy

If your children are sport fanatics, then you’ll be happy to have them join in on one of the most popular gaming genres in the world. Soccer games like Top Eleven 2022: Be a Soccer Manager, emphasize playing the actual sport with strategy and critical thinking.

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Top Eleven is a soccer competition that places your children in charge of their own soccer game. In this game, they will need to keep their club running at full speed, go up against other soccer managers and set the formations that wins.

What are you waiting for? Download Top Eleven 2022, be a soccer manager, and let your children experience the thrill of viewing their tactics in beautiful 3D action.

Fishing games to build competitiveness

Your children can conquer the fishing world with Fishing Clash, a game that mixes the best features of multiplayer fishing games, the realism of simulator games, the competitiveness of sports games and the social aspect of fishing and hunting apps.

To catch fish, your children simply need to launch the game, tap the “Cast” button in the bottom-right corner and tap the “Strike” button continuously, to ensure the line tension indicator is in the center of the top bar. 

Your children can also take it up a notch and attempt to win matches in an exciting multiplayer dual mode to become the next champion.

Introduce your Child to Developmental Games for Upskilling via gaming
Learning through gaming

Building games to inspire creativity

Inspire great levels of creativity and critical spatial awareness skills with Township. This game requires an understanding of basic principles which enable urban and rural buildings.

Township activates your children’s creativity, by prompting them to build the town of their dreams. By erecting restaurants, cinemas and other buildings, your child can plan and develop their own community.

Two of the most important principles in the game are building and crafting, which can stimulate assembling and creative thinking.

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When screen time is monitored effectively, gaming can be the perfect platform to build your children’s confidence and developmental journey.

If you love the recommended games and would like to explore more options in the arena of gaming, visit AppGallery and start exploring the world of educational games.



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