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S3N2022: CPN Calls for Improved Investments in R&D


Aug 3, 2022

Nigerian government has been advised to invest more in research & development (R&D).

Mr. Kole Jagun, President and Chairman of Council, Computer Professionals (Registration Council) of Nigeria (CPN), gave the advice on Tuesday in Abeokuta, Ogun State while delivering a goodwill message at this year’s Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) International Conference.

He said the conference theme; ‘Smart, Secure and Sustainable Nation’, reflects the need for the government not to pay lip services, but must be intentional about this by developing effective strategies.

Jagun added that the country’s quest for innovation leveraging research and development must increase.

“There is no gainsaying that innovation and sustainable development remain some of the most critical issues in Nigeria today.

“Also, the emergence of connected cities and data-driven nations is making planning and decision-making easier at the global level.

“Different studies have ranked Africa low in adopting technology to build a safe, secure, and sustainable economy. At the heart of the technology driving innovation is data and citizens engagement.   

“In transforming our nation to meet future demand, we must use technology to create a more sustainable and liveable present and secure future for our citizens. We must change our approach and challenge the status quo.

“To achieve the Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Nation that we desire therefore, the government, the citizens, the IT ecosystem, and the business environment must invest in relevant technologies to compete in the global space.

“This approach requires the right team with new mindsets and skills. Council therefore appreciates the NCS for considering Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Nation (S3N22)” as the theme for the 2022 International Conference.  It is heart-warming to note that, just like past editions of the conference, this Conference has brought together policymakers within the government, business leaders, members of academia, professionals, and practitioners to deliberate on broad social, economic, and technology trends relevant to the development and sustainability of our dear nation, Nigeria”.

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The CPN President/Chairman in Council commended the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) under the leadership of Professor Adesina Simon Sodiya for its consistency over the years, especially for providing veritable platforms through this Conference, and its other fora and activities to engage industry, government, lawmakers, the academia, civil society and all stakeholders in various strategic national debates on technology – advancing issues.

We feel proud to be part of the giant strides and impacts that the NCS is making as an advocacy group that is committed to achieving sustainable IT development in Nigeria, and make bold to say that the NCS is a proactive and forward-looking organization that is living up to its billing.

The CPN President also assured the NCS and indeed this gathering that the Computer Professionals (Registration Council of) Nigeria [CPN], the apex regulatory body for the practice of Information Technology in Nigeria, will continue to collaborate and identify with the NCS in realizing its set objectives.


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