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‘Safer Internet Day’: A Three-step Guide to Protecting Your Online Data


Feb 7, 2023

Ever wondered how your information is protected as you navigate your mobile device daily? This may not cross your mind often, but it is important to think about.

The new era of the internet, which is much advanced, has transformed and modernized our lives in the way we communicate, run businesses, research, network and learn. While this is great, there are a number of risks, such as malicious cyber-attacks and the disclosure of personal information.

This ‘Safer Internet Day’ all smartphone users, are urged to be responsible in how they use the internet and digital platforms. Figuring out how to maintain a safe digital environment is not difficult and often comes in the form of regulating browser settings to filter inappropriate content.

In addition, it’s important to find out if and how you are protected with every digital touchpoint you interact with.

Here’s how Huawei mobile users can stay protected while on the internet:

1. Use a secure browser

If you are using a Huawei device then you are definitely part of the Petal Search community that is spoilt for choice, thanks to its improved features and innovative search experience.

Did you know that Huawei supports technologies that allow you to use visual search and voice search to find the things you love. As significant as this is to know, it’s equally important to find out how you are secured on the internet.

Petal Search abides to strict privacy and copyright protection standards and is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, ensuring that users are safe, no matter what form of content they are searching for. Here’s what you can do while searching, incognito browsing enables you to browse privately. Data that is personal to you, is not monitored or examined.

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For an extra layer of protection, users can also apply restrictions to exclude illicit content and other insensitive information. In addition, you can search confidently, knowing that all new and updated content adhere to copyrights and is supported in alliance with copyright organizations and all content providers.

2. Download apps that help you generate strong passwords and alert you of risks 

While apps provide a convenient way to access content and services, they can also help protect you from the dark web and possible malicious activities.

In AppGallery, you are provided with all information to help you make good choices ahead of downloading security apps. The app market uses a 360° protection approach so that users can explore and safely download a wide range of apps. The ratings provided will also give you a good indication of which apps come highly recommended.

Keeper, is a trusted secure password hub that protects your personal data while storing private documents like files, images and videos in your own encrypted vault. By enabling BreachWatch on the app, you can use this monitoring feature to thoroughly examine the Dark Web for passwords that have been disclosed.  In addition, Keeper cooperates with Two-Factor Authentication providers, like Duo Security, RSA SecurID, SMS and Yubikey to ensure all confidential information is highly protected.

Other apps that work similarly to Keeper, include SecureX which can erase unwanted data and generate an emergency pin code, while Remember Password helps users automatically logout after a period of inactivity to avoid unwanted access to your files.

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With the Wifi WPS WPA Tester, you can find out if there is any vulnerability in your Access Point WiFi by testing several WPS PIN attacks.

3. Store your data in an ultra-secure cloud

The Huawei Mobile Cloud stores all your data, from documents, contacts, calendars, to images and recordings. With information being both important and sensitive, Huawei Mobile Cloud has locked their platform with industry-leading privacy protection technologies.

The cloud stringently monitors data collection, transmission and storage using multi-level data encryption that provides optimal security.

To preserve the safety environment, the cloud undergoes rigorous compliance checks to ensure that users do not fall victim of malicious practices.

Now that you know how you are protected on the internet and across Huawei’s digital ecosystem, you can use its services with ease.

Coupled with this, you should always be aware of the kind of content you consume and how you can better ensure that your data is protected.



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