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Scorefam Announces New Version: Same Vision with Bigger Better Benefits

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Jul 14, 2022

Scorefam has released a new version of its crypto sports staking platform. Mike Emeruwa, Product Content Writer at Scorefam disclosed this in his recent blogpost. 

Emeruwa wrote:

“As we continue to develop new features and improve on existing ones, we believe we’re on the right path to achieving our goals for the betterment of the crypto and sports communities. 

“Two months ago Scorefam set in motion the live first version of the platform on the Binance smart chain.

“This release has been met with great interest, with the massive success of our IDO launch, several fruitful exciting partnerships, and a massive commitment capital from the illustrious GEM Digital Limited.

“Since then, with the help of our community, partners and team, we have created exciting new features including the introduction of a new type of gaming features, a revamped interface, and improved transaction processes. But most of all, with the constant interactions with our community we’re able to shape the platform for your benefit. 

“This new release comes with a lot of benefits, which I’ll explain below, but these improvements come at a price. That is the tireless work the team at Scorefam put in to understand your needs and meet them. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and hope you do too. And that’s a price we’re always happy to pay. 

What’s New in our Version 2

Flexible and Multiflex Gaming 

“As planned, we’ll be releasing the Flexible and Multiflex features when the new release is live. These features provide you with numerous ways to earn. Depending on your preference, these features will broaden your experience and keep you earning and entertained.

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Hyper-Interactive New Interface 

“With great help from our community, we’ve been able to create a mapped hyper-interactive interface for better expense and easy navigation on the website. Besides being appealing, the platform now includes easy-to-understand buttons and panels with “how to” and instructional videos where need be. 

Increased transaction speed 

“Buying SFT tokens, placing stakes, and withdrawing winnings are a critical part of our operation so naturally, it is only right to continue to take strides in updating and upgrading this process. 

“Scorefam continues to break ground in the crypto gaming industry. Being the first ever crypto sports staking platform, there’s much-uncharted territory to explore. Rather than sit back and continue with what we know already, we continue to venture into the future. The new Scorefam version is a prime example to us, diving into the future with the aim of furthering advancement in the P2E gaming industry”. 



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