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​StartupSouth Introduces TLNTPLus, a Career Acceleration Platform


Jul 1, 2022
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StartupSouth has introduced TLNTPlus, a career acceleration and upskilling program for fresh graduates and young professionals. 

The social enterprise and Startup (Innovation driven Entrpreneurship) ecosystem development organization said that TLNTPlus is for those interested in a building career in non-technical roles at Startups and Technology companies.

TLNTPlus by StartupSouth

Speaking on the need for TLNTPlus, Uche Aniche, Convener of StartupSouth, said: “Often times, founders in our network (and beyond) would reach out to ask for recommendations to fill certain non-developer roles in their business. We realized through these requests the importance of experienced non-technical talents in the success of Startups.

“Challenges of poaching from established organizations include high burn rate which ultimately leads to failure. As our ecosystem evolve, we need to pay attention to those who will people the amazing Startups being built”.

Aniche said that TLNTPlus will curate exceptional young professionals and avail them access to top level business leaders in order to accelerate their careers.

“We will also place them in companies offering them first-hand experience of what it takes to build, run or work in a fast growing business.

“At the end, they should be ready and equipped to build their own business or get a head start in their career by getting hired in any of the well-funded and established businesses in our network.

The program is fully remote and will target only 20 Talents for this first Cohort.

“The first Cohort will focus on three areas namely Products (Core Product Management, Growth, Digital Marketing), Business Development (Communication, Sales, Email Marketing) and Operations (Project Management, Community Management, Offline & Virtual Event Management, Customer Service, Administration)

“If you’re a young professional or fresh graduate and looking for a way to accelerate your career with relevant experience in the Innovation ecosystem this program is for you.

Apply for TLNTPlus by #StartupSouth here before July 10, 2020. 


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