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Stay Current with Petal Search’s Personalised Features


Nov 21, 2022
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From teens trying to keep up with the latest trends to those that are more inquisitive checking out the news headlines, we must all be in the know. Of course, tech has made it easier than ever to do this.

But knowing where to go to stay updated with the latest trends has become an important life skill on its own. Fortunately, Petal Search makes this as easy as opening the app and having all the relevant content come directly to you. Even better, it is completely tailored to what is relevant to you.

Not only does this powerful search engine put the world in the palm of your hand, but it is also packed with lots of splendid features that makes whatever you are looking for or trend-watching a fun-filled experience. But before we get to that, Petal Search is all about making the search experience personal.

This means you can access information from local services. For example, feel like a grabbing a bite and do not know where to go? Just select ‘restaurants close to me’ in the search box and get the best options served up in a flash.

The more you use Petal Search, the more the AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm gets to understand your interests better. Just like your friends and family who understands your likes and dislikes, Petal Search can quickly build up a preference profile of how you use the app, what you look for, and the content you like to engage with. Here are some of the few ways it gathers this information

The Petal Search revision

You can now continue your search with a seamless new design, which comes with a more vibrant user-friendly experience through a URL bar-initiated search. The revision feature will allow you to return to a previous search result, even after multiple searches. This makes your search journey quicker and less complex, and as a result, is more likely to improve user retention.

The Petal Search manage interests’ option

Head over to Petal search and select the ‘me’ tab. At the top of your screen, the option ‘interests’ will pop up. This gives you an indication of what you are interested in, what you are following and what you may have disliked, using your search history.

If you haven’t already managed your interests, you also have the opportunity to do so immediately. You can select topics from entertainment, politics, business, tech, health, animals, travel and more.

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The Petal assistant

To enhance your user experience, Huawei has enriched what the assistant feature can do in Petal Search. This feature provides users with related content that meets the personal interests of the user.

To activate Petal Assistant, simply open the app, tap and hold the Petal tab. Using your voice or keyboard, you can ask your Petal Assistant to recommend you needs.

The above three intelligent features allow you search for things you like, while Petal Search takes care of the rest. From the information gathered using the three features, Petal Search will show you the latest trends from travel, products, stores, apps, the list is endless.

You do not have to think hard or go through extensive research to find something that suits your fancy. All the magic happens in the background, making your trend-watching and searches something that happens effortlessly.

Petal Search is the perfect companion to create a personalised search experience that is aligned to you, your interest and environment.

Download Petal Search today by clicking here.


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