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Sustainable Finance: Is Your Startup Worth More Than Money?

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Jun 16, 2022

In the next 20 to 50 years, would your product still be desired by customers or they would have moved to another?

Sustainable finance focuses on long term value creation, which entails both financial, social and environmental returns, rather than short term gains, majorly including finance.

Interesting enough, this short term gain — financial return — can become sustainable in the long run if well utilised. This takes us to the emphasis that as a startup founder or even the entire team, yes! your focus should be on financial gains, but it should not be limited to that.

How well can you manage and utilise the monetary resources to build efficiency and effectiveness that would last a lifetime, both in production process and output? 

According to the European Commission, sustainable finance involves a process of taking environmental, social and governance considerations into account when making investment decisions, placing long-term achievements at the fore.

Recent research reveals that the sustainable finance sector is valued at $30 billion and Jane Ambachtsheer, Global Head of Sustainability, BNP Paribas Asset Management, says an area where sustainable finance stands uniquely is around collaboration. 

Collaboration itself has been a buzzword in recent times; partnerships are increasingly springing up among companies as well as individuals, and the results are evident.

Sliding to the angle of investors, their efforts can drive the growth of the sustainable finance sector through a review of Return Of Investment (ROI), putting startups on their toes to prove the value of their products beyond financial gains.

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Dov Seidman explains: “How can HOW help us repair our faltering global economy? Only by getting our “hows” right can we ensure that we are sustainable. This can only be achieved when we are rooted in, and inspired by, sustainable values. 

The global economic meltdown supplied a perfect, but painful, example of how sustainability cannot be guided by situational values. The economic crash occurred because too many financial companies became disconnected from fundamental values and long-term sustainable thinking. 

Instead of nurturing sustainable collaborations, banks, lenders, borrowers and shareholders pursued short-term relationships founded on situational values. More than ever we need to get out of this cycle of crises and build long-term success and deep human connections so that we achieve enduring significance in today’s globally interconnected world.”

If your products are making waves now, take a second to think and analyze if the dynamism attached to the world would still leave room for your company’s continuous impact. Collaborate with change and grow with newness of trends. 



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