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  • Data Protection Policy Evolving in Nigeria to Secure Customers 

Data Protection Policy Evolving in Nigeria to Secure Customers 

Article written by Emmanuel Otori Technology advancement has increased the value of data, and many businesses are willing to invest in it. These data are obtained from customers directly or indirectly.…

How Deepened Internet Penetration will Scale SME Activity in Nigeria

Internet penetration as a crucial indicator for the adoption of technologies accesses the usage of the internet in regions as demographics is a factor.

How Businesses Can Prevent and Combat Cyber Threats


Implications of the Startup Bill for Digital Businesses in Nigeria

As of September 2022, over 481 startups were operating in Nigeria and 383 of those raised more than $2 billion in just seven years.

The Prospects for Tech Career in the Future | By Emmanuel Otori

A growing demand for qualified technologists exists due to how prevalent technology has become.

How to Choose an Ideal Price for Your Product

There are many factors used in determining the price of a product or service and they can determine your market share, writes EMMANUEL OTORI

How African Tech Start-ups Can Leverage Predictive Analytics For Efficient Service Delivery

"The purpose of data is to act with precision and less assumption which makes it possible for a business to thrive by reducing the probability of making errors to the…