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B2B Firm Standing out with Warehousing, Speedy delivery

At zero cost, Alerzo delivers to retailers within a maximum of four hours.  Since its inception in 2019, Alerzo has been providing free delivery services to retailers.

Leveraging Technology in Tackling Retailers’ Needs

"Retailers need to move away from the old ways of doing business to embracing technology"

B2B Payment Methods: Ease of use, Reliability, Speed are the most Preferred Features

According to the World Bank, B2B payments in Sub-Saharan Africa represent a $1.5 trillion market. However, the process of making and receiving payments remains largely manual, which makes it expensive…

B2B e-Commerce is Helping Micro Businesses Save Time, Energy and Resources

Through texts, phone calls and logging on to its site where applicable, customers can easily place orders and get the goods delivered swiftly...

Micro Businesses Profiting through Alerzoshop Apps

The retail market attracts huge patronage in Nigeria as the total revenues from the Nigerian food and grocery retail market in 2020 was $45.7bn