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  • Encouraging Individual Climate Action through Education

Encouraging Individual Climate Action through Education

"Early education, especially of students who can become agents of change in their respective communities, will go a long way in ensuring that the message of the extant dangers is…

Asset Tokenization Projected to Grow 50x into $16 trillion Opportunity by 2030: BCG, ADDX report

Favorable stakeholder sentiment, recognition among monetary authorities could boost the share of tokenized assets to 10% of global GDP by end of decade; Demand for tokenization of assets driven by…

BCG Supports Africa’s Climate Ambition, Launches New Centre 

The devastating impact of climate change on farmers’ productivity and recent floods in Lagos, Nigeria bear testament to this.

Small Shops, Open Markets Account For 97% of Retail Sales in Nigeria – BCG Report

The BCG report noted that modern retail remains very fragmented and is led by international hypermarket brands

87% of Climate and AI Leaders Believe AI Is Critical in the Fight Against Climate Change – report

New Report from AI for the Planet Alliance, BCG, and BCG GAMMA Reveals a Strong Appetite for Using AI to Tackle Climate Change, but Organizations Face Obstacles to Achieving Impact…

Building Resilient African Cities is Possible with Govt, Private Sector Partnership – BCG

"Following the trend, issues such as migration and the potential continued pressure that could create come to the fore. For instance, a city like Lagos experiences about 80 to 100…

Modernise Service Stations to Survive, BCG Advises Fuel Retailers

Around 60% of fuel retailers are using big data analytics to customize their offerings within and beyond the service station - BCG

Digital Wealth Managers Threaten Traditional Players’ Dominance – BCG report

Digital wealth management institutions are delivering faster customer growth, cheaper cost structures, and superior rates of innovation.

Nigeria, 44 Others at High Risk of Impact of Food Crisis, BCG warns

This is contained in a new report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), titled "The War in Ukraine and the Rush to Feed the World"

Fusion of Tech and Human Capabilities Delivers Innovation, Growth for Companies – BCG Research finds

Research shows that successful digital transformation companies are breaking away from their legacy counterparts and capitalizing on an innovation-focused agenda