• Sat. Mar 25th, 2023


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  • NIGERIA: CSEAN Releases National Cyber Threat Forecast 2023

NIGERIA: CSEAN Releases National Cyber Threat Forecast 2023

“We are very likely to experience the weaponization of manipulated information to influence people's perceptions and behaviours in relation to the elections" - CSEAN report.

ChatGPT Produces Malicious Emails and Code

Check Point Research (CPR) used ChatGPT to create malicious phishing emails and code, in order to warn of the potential dangers that the new AI technology can have on the…

Fraudsters Launch Phishing Attacks on Universities

Fraudsters launched phishing attacks on universities to steal private research and student information

Phishing and Scams Hit All-time High in Nigeria and Kenya, According to Report

A common technique is HTML attachments with partially or fully obfuscated code. HTML files allow attackers to use scripts, obfuscate malicious content to make it harder to detect, and send…

Investments, Streaming and a Pandemic: How Fraudsters Used Spam, Phishing in 2021

Kaspersky recommends use of proven security solution when surfing the web