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Why CBN Stopped use of Merchant POS Machines for Deposits, Withdrawals

The use of merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals for deposits and withdrawals of funds by supermarkets, stores, and other small business owners has been prohibited by the Central Bank of Nigeria…

Why We Launched Dukka POS Terminals in Nigeria – Keturah Ovio

POS transactions in Nigeria jumped to N4.6 trillion in the first seven months of 2022

How KongaPay Saved My Life amid Naira Scarcity – Trader

A few banks also had to shut down some of their branches as a result of insufficient cash to treat the deluge of visitors who throng the halls daily, some…

Ecobank Ellevate Partners Ananse Africa and MasterCard Foundation, Train Fashion Entrepreneurs

Ananse Africa is an eCommerce platform that is equipping African fashion designers and creatives for local and international trade.

CBN says 1.4m POS Agents Generated N6tr in Transactions

Every local government in Nigeria has a Point of Sale (POS) agent present, according to Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and the strategy has generated…

How We Are Curbing Fraud in the Digital Payment Space – Interswitch

As Nigeria’s digital payment ecosystem expands, there is a need for more creative ways to tackle associated vulnerabilities such as fraud. To solve this challenge, Africa’s leading Integrated payments and…

PoS Transactions Reach Record-Breaking Monthly High of N735.6b in September

Lagos State recorded the largest number of PoS transactions.

Azapay, a FinTech Startup Doing Things Differently – Revolutionizing Payments, Eliminating Failed Transactions

With Azapay’s solution, there’s no need to worry about failed transactions, requests for screenshots or phone numbers, doubting if customers have actually done the transfers they claim to have done

Top payment trends to watch in 2022

There is an ever-increasing number of ways for consumers to pay for goods and services. With 2021 coming to a close, Clinton Leask, business development lead at Pay@, one of…