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  • Everything a Retailer Needs to Know about Payment Platforms in 2023

Everything a Retailer Needs to Know about Payment Platforms in 2023

Article Written by: Barry Williams, Head of Sales & Retail Relations at Pay@  Every successful retailer knows that to nurture customer loyalty and establish a strong brand, you have got…

Three Ways Retailers Can Continue their Golden Run in 2023

"Retailers may choose to partner with technology providers that have the experience and global insight to guide how technology is deployed to assist with the above three priorities".

Leveraging Technology in Tackling Retailers’ Needs

"Retailers need to move away from the old ways of doing business to embracing technology"

Retailer Recounts Impact of Technology on Her Well-being

It truly takes time and energy in moving around an open market to source for goods in order to restock, which brings about body aches and fatigue most retailers have…

Small Shops, Open Markets Account For 97% of Retail Sales in Nigeria – BCG Report

The BCG report noted that modern retail remains very fragmented and is led by international hypermarket brands

Tech’s Role in Bringing Retailers Online

Business to business (B2B) tech platforms  are pulling their weight in bringing interventions to the challenges daily faced by retailers in the course of running their businesses.

SAS SaaS solution as answer to retailers, manufacturers need to monitor shipping disruptions

New SAS Cloud for Intelligent Planning deploys faster, creates rapid results