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Vodacom Driving Success in Transport and Logistics

Leveraging technology to drive increased visibility across organisational supply chains is key to improving the customer experience.

5G Adoption in Africa: Significant Equalising Opportunities Once Teething Issues Are Sorted Out, says ProLabs

Beyond wireless broadband services, 5G promises to be an enabler of new applications, capable of driving productivity gains...

Vodacom Outranks Rivals for Best Quality Network in Independent Mobile Network Research

Independent Crowdsourced data company Tutela saw Vodacom outrank its rivals in delivering the best quality 4G and 5G coverage in South Africa and consistent quality for mobile connections.

Five ways Vodacom is Enabling Environmentally Friendly Customer Behaviour

To reduce the effect of plastic waste on the environment, Vodacom is actively replacing its current SIM cards with Eco-SIM cards