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Talent sourcing company, Analog, expands focus to develop own products

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Jan 18, 2022

The need for technical skills is on a continuous increase as digital transformation stays at the forefront of dynamism globally. 

These skills cut across Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing, software engineering and many others. Companies like Analog have been in the business of making these talents accessible to companies in need of them.

Software and technical sourcing company, Analog, supports Series B and C companies through talent sourcing needed for aggressive scaling and efficient product development.

These talents are experienced and qualified individuals and Analog is not limited to a particular tech sector but is flexible enough to bridge the gap between companies and the talent they need from any sector at all. 

In a nutshell, Analog takes care of the human resource management in the technical job sea and has partnered with Elohor Thomas, a company performing the same functions.

Changing focus; new products 

Source: Analog

Having enabled several companies since 2018, Analog is now shifting focus to develop its own products which will solve global problems in the public and private sector.

One is Native, a machine learning software messaging app that allows for instant and seamless language translation. Similar to WhatsApp and other messaging applications, Native’s uniqueness stands in tackling language barrier limitations.

Via the app, a French-speaking individual can seamlessly converse with an English or Russian-speaking individual. Interesting right? But you wonder how this would be. 

The app’s settings enable you to change your language to receive messages in any of your choices. will deliver in French, vice versa. 

Chats - English translation
Chats – English translation
Chats - French translation
Chats – French translation
















Asides receiving messages in your preferred language, Native enables users to view some activities of others. The app manages people just like a workspace, various ideas beyond ordinary messages, group calls, among other benefits can be gotten from the app.

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Source: Analog
Source: Analog

Native is a team-based software, rather than a one-on-one conversation app. This is good for co-workers from different countries and tribes working remotely. Information and conversations can be translated into any language and sent to the group. 

What a cluster on Native looks like
What a cluster on Native looks like

The idea for Native was inspired by the challenges of poor accessibility to initial shared images and information in the team’s group chat. Rather than sharing screenshots from other mediums, the Native app allows access or links for easy reach. 

Analog’s second product Polifresh

Analog’s second product is Polifresh, built to break down bills into understandable policies, starting with the US policy. 

The machine learning and AI software, in partnership with GOJI.AI will summarise policies in about a page and give direct answers to questions, such as rights of citizens, required by individuals from the Bills. It works specifically on government bills.

Laws are written consistently but can be long and confusing. hence the use of the app. Analog would be utilizing law students to enable the adequate functions of the product. The company targets political journalists, law students, law schools, among others to ensure the summary laid out by the AI will be linked to the right pages where the policy can be found in the policy book.

Although the app is under development and yet to be launched, all the terms and lingo of legal conversations, politics, meanings of legal terms, among others have already been collected by the company. Experts will be leveraged and algorithms will be created to break down the policies.

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While Native is a Nigerian app, Polifresh is an American targeted app for now. This is due to the complexity of American laws which when broken down, other countries can be involved too. 


It is their smallest product at the moment which started around November 2021. By July this year, it would be fully developed.


Analog Team
Source: Analog

Great and even little works come with challenges. Analog’s challenges include employees needing their workers in the same country where they are. This is due to the fact that they want employees in possession of their data around them, rather than overseas. Another challenge is the huge data requirement from other software and applications.

When Analog launched its first product, a huge part of its customers were from different countries, hence the need to make it an app that can translate conversations based on their preferred language. Although this came as an initial challenge, the team built up solutions.

Analog wants a hybrid of slack and WhatsApp, an ideation space that will also send messages. In the process of developing the product, the team realised that it would take a while to get APIs of other software. They decided to move on to the basic, the messaging part, and then discovered the language issues. 

The goal was a community-based app that currently has about 50 users finding problems, creating solutions, and developing the app to be even better. 

The app, which is available on Android, will be made available for IOS on January 21 to help improve the app’s usage. 

Research Bookmark, an archive that works on research, is one of Analog’s products used for UX research, Data mapping, and others. The community-like space comprises all information required for UI/UX and design research.

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Professionals and students can join the community to find the right person to guide and help them be on track in related endeavors. 

How does Analog make a profit?

Analog makes a profit from Technical Sourcers. The company’s products are everyday useful tools which will bring in daily profits. 

Last year, Analog raised its first million-dollar revenue just from its software engineering product development and technical sourcing.

Native can be leveraged freely for most of the year before subscription and other charges get included but Polifresh will always be free though as the “the chance to be the central location for global political conversations will be greater than mere revenue,” as Paul Chukwuma, director of User Acquisition said.

In the next ten years, Polifresh is projected to be the hub of conversations based on policies, bills and others. The product will be used for discussions, articles and others.

Though Polifresh is currently targeted at American bills, Nigerians will receive the same benefits from next year. “We are in the experimenting stage and when this is done, we can develop for other countries, particularly Nigeria.” 

The vision of Analog started in 2018, the team spent two years setting up the plan in Africa, but then realised programmers within the continent can compete with those abroad and do explicitly well, hence, Analog started fully in 2020.

The company is building its products with user participation. It aims to increase its user-base, including residents of various countries, boosting seamless communications and global collaborations.



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