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Trucks Transits Parks (TTP) Insists No Changes in Management, MD; Disowns Temidayo Adeboye


Aug 4, 2022

The Management of Trucks Transit Parks Limited, (“TTP”) has issued a public notice to re-emphasize the media notice earlier issued on Saturday, July 23, 2022, that Mr. Jama Onwubuariri remains the Company’s Co-founder and Managing Director and not Mr. Temidayo Adeboye.

According to a public notice released today, the Company insists that Adeboye or anyone else claiming to be the Acting Managing Director of TTP is acting in outright violation of a court order which mandates the maintenance of the status quo until all the parties return to court.

“This means that the entire board of directors of the Company remains unchanged and intact as filed and certified at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.

“The general public is therefore advised to disregard any information, or anyone purporting to be issued by the Acting Managing Director or claiming that a change in the composition of the Board of Directors of TTP has taken place, and to treat Mr. Adeboye or any person parading himself as the Acting Managing Director of the Company as an impostor. Anyone who deals with the said party(ies) does so at their risk.

“TTP wishes to officially state that Mr. Adeboye is in breach of existing court orders and anyone who deals with Mr. Adeboye would be in breach of the same orders. All information about our management team can be confirmed in the About Us section of our website, www.ttp.com.ng. “Our 24/7 operational support to the maritime ecosystem in Apapa remains uninterrupted. To learn more about us, visit our website or reach out to our media contact below”.


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