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Truecaller for Business Launches New Features to Aid Entrepreneurs’ Productivity

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Aug 26, 2022

Truecaller, popularly known for enabling users verify contacts, and block unwanted communications, among other security details, has launched additional features on its Truecaller for Business.

These features include Video Caller ID, Call Me back-function, Call Ratings as well as Surveys, and will enable the platform to onboard new clients faster. The new capabilities significantly strengthen Truecaller’s current enterprise offering.

Truecaller for Business, Truecaller’s enterprise offering, which was launched in late 2020 has since inception onboarded a large spectrum of clients across different sectors in India and other focus markets like South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, and Israel. In total, the platform now has customers in 32 countries.

TfB sees good traction across categories of businesses with use cases around service, support and fulfilment, ride-hailing, logistics and delivery, marketing and sales, security, and fraud management.

TfB’s solutions are aimed at protecting business brands and consumers from getting impacted by impersonation and fraud; it also brings in contact centre efficiency, reducing costs on the customer support front. The offering has been well received by a wide range of well-known global and local brands and is the relatively fastest growing revenue stream for Truecaller.

Truecaller for Business Launches New Features to Aid Entrepreneurs’ Productivity
Truecaller for Business App

In the effort to further build seamless CX (Customer Experience) among a large community of business customers, Truecaller has been working on developing new capabilities and agile experiences on the platform.

“Video Caller ID” capability is now rolled out fully to enable branded, contextual videos to differentiate business Caller Identity from the rest. After a successful early access program, the feature is live and has experienced initial good response among consumer brands, automobiles, real estate, fintech, and other sectors as part of their business calling communication lifecycle.

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For businesses to get actionable intent from their customers receiving calls, the “Call Me Back” capability is now live on the platform. The feature enables enterprises to get call-back requests from customers that might miss an important call.

This is one of the first of its kind capability in the market, allowing two-way communication between customers and businesses even when calls are unanswered, further enabling trusted and productive business communication. In addition, the capability will help companies to streamline their calling process and increase their ROI from the overall calling workflow.

Further capabilities like Call Ratings and Surveys are soon being launched as part of the expanded suite of business offerings that will allow businesses to derive real-world insights from end customers to evolve their communication experience.

As part of business platform experience evolution, the company has rolled out a refreshed Verified Business caller ID activation workflow which improves business onboarding by activating their numbers much faster and further shortens the go live cycle for businesses. With increased demand for TfB services, these platform enhancements allow more businesses to get started on the platform in a shorter time.

“I am very pleased that we now launch new products and features that further improves our value proposition to our enterprise customers. With this ramp up we improve our future growth prospects for our business offering,” says Alan Mamedi CEO and Co-founder of Truecaller.



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