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The University of Calabar Theatre Arts Alumni Association (UCTAAA) wishes to announce the execution of its premier welfare programme under the UCTAAA CARE Welfare Scheme.

The first welfare initiative christened ‘The Arit Project’ was hatched in February 2021 by a think-tank group under the leadership of the UCTAAA Care Chairman, Mr. Segun Ojalatan and endorsed by UCTAAA Global President, Mrs. Rita Ndidi Amuchienwa.   The Arit Project came at a time when people were asking the buzz question, ‘what are the benefits of joining the Association?’

The Arit Project was simple and focused; Education. 

Arit in School

According to the Global President, it was a test run to gauge the capacity and readiness of the Association to initiate and fund people centric welfare programmes in the midst of the economic challenges in the country.

Arit’s choice for the premier programme was spontaneous and impromptu. During UCTAAA general meeting, Miss Arit Edem of the Calabar Chapter had expressed her frustration in getting a good job citing poor skills that will enable her get a good job and lack of funds to acquire technical skill or even further her education. Her brave confession coupled with her willingness to commit herself was immediately interpreted as a cry for help and the Global President Mrs Rita Ndidi Amuchienwa triggered action through UCTAAA Care. 

The next few days saw Arit and the team experimenting on viable options and a WhatsApp group was created tagged ‘Arit Progress Tracking’ made up of handpicked but willing members who raised funds for the identified project – personal development through further education.

The project, like other projects of this nature, suffered several challenges but the team had built its resilience structure woven round the Calabar/UK Chapters and the Global office. Importantly, the team was encouraged by Arit’s commitment to forge ahead.  

Source: UCTAAA

We are happy to announce today that the project was a huge success and Arit Edem is in the UK pursuing her Master’s Degree. Miss Arit’s success story provides a tailored response to the buzz question regarding the benefits of joining the University of Calabar Theatre Arts Alumni Association.

The Arit story has not only shown that Alumni Associations are an amazing way to stay connected to mates/colleagues long after you graduation, but it presents an opportunity for us to see that the Association also offers awesome perks for members. 

The question begging for answers now is ‘who’s next?’ It is worth noting that even as members are encouraged to be active and socialize, the Global Exco will continue to pursue and champion projects geared towards improving the lives of its members. This will be done through consultation with key stakeholders, UCTAAA Care scheme as well as well-meaning individuals with capacity to partner with the Association towards improving the lives of its members. 

While briefing the Chapters and thanking the donors on the Association’s social media platform, the Global President assured the members that based on the success of the Arit’s Project, members should brace up and be committed to the ideals of the Association because, UCTAAA Care will do it again.

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One thought on “UCTAAA Sponsors Indigent Alumni Member to Study Abroad”
  1. I must say this is a great initiative by UCTAAA. This association has beyond, the widest stretch of one’s imagination, proven to be people-centric! The welfare of it’s members have been given a pride of place.

    Kudos to the leadership of the association, and the UCTAAA CARE Team!

    I hope others (including me) would seize this great opportunity…

    Again, KUDOS UCTAAA!

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