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Webex on Chromebooks Now Available as a PWA


May 18, 2022

Built as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), Webex Meetings now offers a robust video conferencing experience presented like a desktop application, available directly from the user’s launcher and the shelf on Chrome OS.

Webex by Cisco has been committed to providing Chrome OS users with an amazing video conferencing experience.

Previously, we built web-based versions and an Android version optimized for Chrome OS.

Today, the developers announces that they have collaborated with Google to build the Webex Meetings PWA specifically for all Chrome OS devices to enable delightful collaboration experiences.

Webex users can have engaging meetings on the most reliable platform for video conferencing backed by sophisticated web technologies.

With Webex Meetings PWA on Chrome OS, customers can have the best of both worlds—the simplicity of web-based technology and the robustness of local applications.


Users can install it on their Chromebooks like any desktop app and quickly join meetings with one click from the launcher without opening the browser to enter the URL. 

Together with Google, Webex is reducing friction and making collaboration easier and seamless for our users to get work done anywhere in today’s hybrid world.  

See more details in At-a-Glance:

Collaborate in real-time on Chromebooks with absolute ease

Webex by Cisco has had a long-standing technology innovation partnership with Google to improve hybrid work collaboration—across software and devices alike.


We’ve teamed up again to provide choice and flexibility to our customers. The popularity, security, and highly mobile design of Chromebooks for home, school, and work make for a great pairing with Webex. “We’re committed to giving the hybrid workforce more choices for flexible work, regardless of which device they may be using.

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“Now, Webex users can join Meetings and Webinars directly from their Chromebook desktop. Users simply sign in, securely join Webex meetings or webinars, and instantly start their video, share content, or record.

“With Webex Meetings PWA for Chrome OS, users have complete flexibility to join meetings from anywhere and with anyone and leverage advanced functionalities like background noise removal and real-time translation. 

Webex Meetings PWA, powered by web technologies, enables users to collaborate more efficiently. For instance, a user working across multiple browser tabs for online research, live documents, and browser access to other tools doesn’t have to worry about managing yet another tab for their meeting.

“It can help users minimize switching across browser tabs, drive focused work, and engage better in live interactions.

Webex on Chromebook, now pre-imaged and installed
| Webex on Chromebook, now pre-imaged and installed

From an IT administrator’s standpoint, the Webex Meetings PWA provides more control over managing Webex on their Chromebooks, too. Webex can now be pre-imaged and installed on Chromebooks before distributing to users.

The Webex Meetings PWA offers all the meeting capabilities that the users currently enjoy on their browser-based Meetings web app.

Webex users can now download the Webex Meetings PWA from the Google Play store and access it as an application on their Chrome OS device.

Then they can simply start/join meetings and webinars right from their desktop, without having to go through the browser.

Webex Meetings PWA is available on the Google Play store or visit the community for support.



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