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What’s next for Aboki Africa after rebranding to Grey?

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Feb 4, 2022
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In line with the company’s updated product offerings and new company focus, Aboki Africa has rebranded to Grey. 

We have continued to experience steady growth, our team has expanded, and our mission is much greater than what we set out to do when Femi and I started Aboki Africa,” Idorenyin Obong. CEO and co-founder wrote on the company’s website.

Aboki Africa was built on a goal to make currency exchange easy for Nigerians. In August 2021, after the company introduced foreign accounts, it immediately got to work on a new identity, Grey, that allows it to fully express the variety of products and services the company has in store for its customers, Obong explained further.

About Grey

Grey website
Grey website

According to Obong, “Grey is solid and stable. It inspires feelings of calm, balance and composure. That is what we want people to feel every time they use our service- that certainty. This re-brand reflects the stability, neutrality and solidity of our stance in the African financial services industry. Grey is here to stay.”

The change has not altered the company’s mission to bring easy global banking to every African. “I think that it emphasises our commitment to see it through. We will keep building on what we started with Aboki Africa and ensure that everyone who chooses Grey enjoys borderless financial freedom and more.”

What’s changing?

New Grey logo
New Grey logo

Asides the logo, the company’s website interface also changed and its social media is now Grey Finance on Instagram and Twitter. Grey’s messaging and brand will reflect how the company wants to help Africans access international payments smoothly. 

What’s next?

In December, the company launched USD accounts on its platform, which means you can now easily create a GBP, EUR and USD foreign account right from your phone, and complete your international transactions without any delay or hassle. 

But that’s just the beginning,” Obong wrote. “We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that the requests from our customers are properly integrated to make it easier to access the services we offer. So stay tuned as we unveil more goodies in the following weeks.”

Femi and I are incredibly proud of the work we do at Grey and thankful for the ‘Grey8’ employees, the partnerships, and all the customers that have accompanied us on our journey. We owe this rebrand to all of you.”

Obong concluded by reiterating the company’s delight to have all its amazing customers, who continue to trust them to ease their international banking experience, in its corner.

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