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With Lopeer, Your Phone Can Become A Crypto PoS

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Sep 6, 2022

Librium, a Digital Payment and Blockchain solution provider, today announces Lopeer – a geolocation-enabled peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading and DeFi App. 

Lopeer has a unique geolocation feature that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with people around them in real-time. This will help crypto enthusiasts and traders in sub-Saharan Africa to get quick and easy access to cryptocurrencies and asset liquidation.  

With Lopeer, users can sell or buy cryptocurrencies by initiating a buy or sell order which will find a list of peers, once these peers are found, the buyer can initiate a transaction and also start communicating with the seller through the app. With virtual trades, you can exchange cryptocurrencies with anyone irrespective of their location, as long as they are in the same country as you. 

On the other hand, the physical trade allows you to find peers close to your current location thanks to the geolocation functionality in Lopeer. Once a suitable peer is found, the buyer and seller can start communication through the app and agree on a safe location or public place to meet for their cryptocurrency trade. 

With the increased participation of Africans in the DeFi economy, peer-to-peer trading has become the way out of government restrictions and lack of access to banking facilities for millions of African young population who want to be a part of the decentralised financial system.  

P2P crypto trading has also become so popular around the world because it provides privacy, bypasses restrictions and offers competitive pricing for crypto assets. 

Furthermore, sending money to friends or family across Africa is currently a nightmare and Lopeer is built to help solve this problem. With Lopeer, users will also enjoy free and instant cross-border payments with the Lopeer transfer feature, this feature allows anyone to send crypto assets to their friends or family or to pay for products and services across Africa.

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Lopeer is the first geolocation-enabled peer-to-peer crypto trading platform to launch in the world. The mobile app is available across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa with more countries on the way. Lopeer is also in partnership with various Fintechs,  Blockchains & Crypto communities across Africa. 

Joseph Adediji, Co-Founder and CEO of Lopeer, said: “Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading via unconventional mediums like online groups & forums come with a lot of risks which can be mitigated by using a secure platform like Lopeer; Lopeer gives people the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency safely and efficiently. Our geo-location feature allows anyone to turn their phone into a crypto POS; this is like a mobile crypto kiosk/storefront that facilitates quick crypto exchange. A buyer can find a seller nearby and meet up with them in their office or a safe and open space to perform a trade.”

Lopeer transfer feature also paves way for free cross-border payments across Africa, users can send money across supported African countries on Lopeer at no extra cost. 

What we are building is the future of payments and exchange of value within Africa and beyond. Our mission is to connect Africans who have been excluded by traditional institutions to the global financial system through blockchain and cryptocurrencies”; Joseph further stated. 

The Lopeer app is now available free of charge for Android devices on Google Playstore.



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