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Y Combinator Cutoff 17 Staff as it Takes Out Late-Stage Investment

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

Mar 14, 2023

Y Combinator, known for investing in early-stage startup companies, has made some changes which affect 17 members of staff.

This comes due to the fact that Y Combinator included late-stage investing in its focus, and this led to a distraction in its core mission.

A statement by the Accelerator read: “YC is known primarily as a place where very early founders create something from nothing by simply applying online and joining the world’s best founder community. When they do, a shocking percentage of them will go on to make a startup worth a billion dollars (on average 6 out of 100 startups in recent batches).

YC is rightly known for early-stage investing. In recent years, we have also done some late-stage investing. But late-stage investing turned out to be so different from early stage that we found it to be a distraction from our core mission. So we’re going to decrease the amount of late-stage investing we do”

The 17 affected members are part of the late-stage investing team which would no longer be needed as a result of the shift.

Appreciating their efforts, the Accelerator assured that the change wouldn’t affect existing late-stage companies.

As we make this change in strategy, we want to acknowledge and express our appreciation for their substantial contributions.

There shouldn’t be any noticeable effect on the companies we’ve funded or on the way we interact with alumni, but if any companies or alumni have questions, I’m here and the YC group partners are here — as always, to help you make something people want.”


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