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Yellow Card Gives Nigerian Julian Oti 1 Whole Bitcoin Valued at $30,000

ByPeter Oluka

Apr 19, 2023

Yellow Card, a leading Pan-African fintech, has unveiled the winner of its “A Whole in your Wallet” global campaign.

The lucky winner, Julian Oti, a young Nigerian, has been rewarded with one whole Bitcoin, currently valued at over $30,000. The campaign, which ran from February to April 2023, aimed to give Yellow Card users a soft landing following a rollercoaster in 2022 and a prolonged bear market in 2023.

It also sought to empower Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and facilitate their journey to financial freedom through smart trading choices and money moves.

Yellow Card 1 BTC campaign winner Julian Oti
Julian Oti, Winner of the Yellow Card “A Whole in Your Wallet” Campaign

Commenting on his journey with cryptocurrency and emerging as the winner of the “A Whole in your Wallet Campaign”, Julian Oti said “I started trading cryptocurrency in 2016, but got on the Yellow Card App last year. I was attracted to the platform’s trading rates and its user friendliness. Last month after getting a message from Yellow Card about the Whole in Your Wallet campaign, I decided to participate in the competition. I increased the frequency of my transactions on the platform and to my surprise I was announced the winner at the end of the campaign”. On his plans for the 1 BTC, Julian explained that he will utilise part of the prize money to take care of personal needs, while he will re-invest the rest in trading digital assets.

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The Yellow Card “A Whole in Your Wallet” Campaign was created to address the effect of the market landscape on everyday crypto users, especially in light of the global economic and crypto outlook for 2023. Experts have predicted “tougher times” and a prolonged bear market, and Yellow Card understands the need to give back to its users during these times.

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The campaign encouraged users to carry out $10 worth of transactions daily on the exchange platform in order to stand a chance to win the grand prize of one whole Bitcoin at the end of the campaign, or $250 worth of cryptocurrency every week. The winner was selected via a transparent lucky draw format, witnessed and audited by an independent legal partner, Legalese, on April 4th, 2023.

Rachael Akalia, Yellow Card’s Regional Marketing Manager for West Africa, described the campaign as “giving away a WHOLE bitcoin to fix the “HOLES” in the pocket of Crypto users after a turbulent 2022”. She also noted that the campaign aimed to build a community of crypto enthusiasts and assist them in reaching their goal of gaining financial freedom. Yellow Card believes that by giving away one whole Bitcoin, they are not only inspiring hope but also fixing the “HOLES” in the pockets of their users.

Yellow Card is Africa’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, offering  traders a seamless and simple way to make smart money moves.

The exchange enables users to trade Bitcoin and other coins at the best rates, promoting financial inclusion and education on the continent. After raising the largest Series A round for any African crypto company in 2021, the exchange secured $40M in Series B Funding Round in September  2023 – bringing the total raised to $57M. Yellow Card is co-founded and led by Chris Maurice (CEO) and Justin Poiroux (CTO).

With the audacious move to give away over $30,000 worth of crypto in a recovering market, Yellow Card has shown its commitment to its users. The global crypto market capitalization has crossed more than a $1 trillion market, supported by high and stable trading volumes.

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Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has crossed $30,000 for the first time since June 2022. Despite the bearish predictions about the Crypto market, Yellow Card remains optimistic about the future and is committed to empowering its users with the tools and resources they need to succeed.



Peter Oluka

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