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Zamfara, Nasarawa States join InnovationBed Digital Citizens Incubation2030 hubs

ByYinka Okeowo

Jan 5, 2022

Evidently it appears the year 2022 will be a fast moving one, and taking clear non-ambiguous actions of past speeches will be more productive in the next couple of months!

Like Mr. Emmanuel Amos, the founder of InnovationBed Africa said, “We do not blame leaders with the right consciences and foresight to leave a good legacy after them without being lobbied”.

Nasarawa State

This is especially to empower the youth around them on innovation capacity development by a foundation that has invested time and it’s all to curate an ecosystem that is capable of delivering an expanded opportunity for this next generations of nation-builders in any developing country.

“Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services.

“The standard ISO 56000:2020 also defines innovation as “a new or changed entity realizing or redistributing value”. Others have different definitions; a common element in the definitions is a focus on newness, improvement, and spread of ideas or technologies”, Mr. Amos said.

InnovationBed Africa and Zamfara State
Governor Matawalle and Muhammad Yahaya Tambura, his senior special assistant on ICT

InnovationbedAfrica is currently preaching these words around to every settlement in Nigeria, and developing states or small islands.

The opposite of innovation activities that Programos is disrupting with the new Incubation 2030 is called #EXNOVATION – a state of #BADMARKET that has caused us all safety, prosperity, dignity and the many goodies of life transformation as a people.

“Should we do something different this year to not ONLY help community, students, NGOs, micro-startups but grow LEGITIMATE linear and NON-linear COLLABORATIONS intentionally, genuinely and VOLUNTARILY with open projects to a STACK of borderless ecosystem solutions and actors that the #Innovationbedafrica is pivoted?

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“Sounds Crazy – but that’s the main point! Crazy things have no formulae … we lost it a long time ago since we did not worry about our own survivability interventions in a constantly changing world.

“Here above are the odds we sometimes need play by way of relaxation from stress in the new year! Any of the above may work for you”, he said in a blog post on InnovationBed Africa.

Since the influence that can impact positive corrections to present-day community gaps based on the foundation’s #Fix-A-Gap-Research #intervention depend largely to demands of the common future world and the bitter insatiable memory of past and present, they will invoke the Innovationbed Periscope Platform two times a week in the Innovationbed social groups as it may be convenient for members with active and worthy Expression Of Interest to this projected cause to join in and share pointers, ideas, suggestions that can accelerate new gains.

“We are glad to announce that with respect to the 1-Million Digital Citizens Innovation Capacity Development Incubation 2030 for developing countries, we can affirm in Nigeria that two states have officially endorsed to implement the national processes and transformational programmes, leaving us with our new techno-political innovationbed strategy to shield initiative with utmost best practice making sure the project’s targeted features of participation expansion, inexpensive, e-content and productivity-based initiative of global valuation having an attraction already for possible Horizon Europe for Africa Initiative Modeling after OCCAM’s XXI Infopoverty World Conference 2021 declarations for global interventions after a fairer, more sustainable and inclusive digital society.

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The two States are Zamfara and Nasarawa.

Zamfara State joins InnovationBed Africa

“Good to report that His Excellency, Professor Isa Pantami, Honourable Minister for Communications and Digital Economy shared great insights as he graced the opening of the OCCAM XXI Infopoverty World Conference in 2021. OCCAM is the Observatory on Digital Communication.

Nasarawa State joins Programos Foundation

Initiative in the new decade 2030 will further be powered by more indigenous and sociology-culturally influenced innovations along #Innovationbedafricastacks: #localsolutionproviderstack, #localsolutiontoolsstack, #localgrassrootsdigitalpolicy #localtoolsparlance #wsanigeriastack #sdgsadvisorstack #enativesstack #egovtstacks #fixagapstacks #upskillingstacks

Prof. Pantami and Bello Muhammad Matawalle
Prof. Pantami and Bello Muhammad Matawalle

#InnovationbedZamfara and #InnovationbedNasarawa are now official regional representations for United Nations World Summit Awards (Nigeria) and ICT4SIDS #SVC4Nigeria.

“Other state representatives and voluntary activators for other states currently taking a poll at HERE.

“Incubation programme starts next month for 6 months virtually with on-premise digital services projects by participants. Further details will confirm progress and each state readiness”

Amos shared the objective of the ICT4SIDS Innovationbed incubation pilots in the 36 states of Nigeria as to support smart hubs that provide inexpensive and highly specialized community services in health, education, open government and citizen engagement, public safety, public welfare and decision support for all SDGs actions in the regions.

“These hubs are incorporated to collaborate with each other across communities for rapid regional transformation and thus lead to rapid adoption of Samoa Pathway and SDGs in Nigeria.

Programos Foundation InnovationBed incubation 2030
Programos Foundation and InnovationBed incubation 2030

“Activities of Innovationbed in each state in Nigeria will be coordinated by an indigent innovator and Innovationbed Regional Directors who must have been attained a WSA National Nominee proficiency of the ICT4SIDS-Innovationbed #SPACE4Nigeria innovation capacity maturity”.


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