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How on-demand service apps will drive the economy in 2021?

Relying on these services accredit our lives with sophistication; you can think about developing an app and offering services. To inspire you more, I have a good app suggestion and complete insights on business strategies to follow, writes Jennifer Atkinson



on-demand service apps

Hi! In this time of technological upscaling, on-demand services have taken the front seat. Believe it or not, the need for on-demand delivery services (like we have seen with bet9ja betting) has started to increase rapidly with the onset of the pandemic.

Relying on these services accredit our lives with sophistication; you can think about developing an app and offering services. To inspire you more, I have a good app suggestion and complete insights on business strategies to follow.

Business areas in which you can offer on-demand services:

If you are not sure about the business areas you can roll out your services, here is the list for your reference.

1. Food delivery services

Restaurants are the frontline beneficiaries of on-demand services. To be more explicit, food delivery services are one of the forerunners in on-demand services. People love ordering food online due to the increased convenience and timely delivery. As most restaurants deliver food under 30 minutes, users prefer online ordering over visiting restaurants in-person.

2. Grocery delivery services

The grocery delivery services came into the spotlight during the pandemic. As people were stuck in their homes, online grocery shopping was the only savior. If you think that online grocery shopping is just a fad, then you are wrong.

A survey on grocery shopping states that more than 40% of people in the U.S. will continue ordering groceries online even after the pandemic.

3. Entertainment

Online video streaming platforms are facing hyper-growth in recent years. With multiple video streaming services popping up, users can expect full-fledged entertainment.

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., have become people’s favorite sources of entertainment. You can consider the entertainment platform as it is one of the budding areas that need the attention of business persons like you.

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4. Real Estate

The real estate industry has started its online venture. People who are looking to acquire or sell property can make use of the on-demand real estate industry.

People can cut off a huge chunk of brokerage through online real estate services, as there is no middleman involved.

5. Traveling and Tourism

The tourism industry is attracting users through online booking services. Apps like OYO and other vacation rental apps are gaining a user base through their online booking services. Through these apps, users can know the package and book accommodation.

Another forerunner in the on-demand services industry is the traveling sector. The on-demand taxi services have set a standard for transportation. With the increased convenience of ride-hailing taxi services, people head over hire taxis rather than commute in public transports.

6. Healthcare industry

A few years ago, it was unimaginable to access healthcare services online. Fast forward to contemporary times, accessing healthcare services online has become prevalent.

With these apps, users can book appointments to visit hospitals, seek consultations from doctors through in-app video calls, purchase medicines all from a single platform.

7. Beauty and massage services

You may find it surprising to know that even beauty and massage services are available on-demand. Yes, users can book service providers online, and the service provider will reach out to the user’s place and complete the service. With these services, users can get themselves groomed without stepping out in search of parlors and massage service centers.

And that is a wide range of services that can be introduced. You may be wondering how to offer these services and manage the business process. Worry not! Here is the perfect app solution that supports multiple on-demand services.

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Era Of Gojek Like Super Apps

Super apps are designed to provide a myriad of on-demand services, all from a single app. The name super apps are definitely justifiable.

Gojek like apps will fall under this category of super apps. By developing Gojek like app, you can extend any on-demand service, starting from delivery service to taxi service to beauty services.

Develop the app, find service providers, employ delivery partners, and you are all set to introduce your offerings to users. With this brief introduction, let us now deep dive into the features available in Gojek like apps.

Trending features of the Gojek like apps

  • Book multiple services

As these apps are a house of multiple services, users can book any number of services.

  • Schedule services

Scheduling services is the most appreciated feature of today’s times. Users can decide their time in which they wish to avail of the service by scheduling the time slot in the app.

  • Track services

The tracking feature is another beneficial feature of the app, where users are given the ability to track the location of service providers/delivery persons.

  • Take away

Certain services like food delivery, grocery delivery can be taken away directly from the stores. While ordering, users will have to opt for the takeaway option. Once the order is ready, the service provider will send a notification to users, and they can collect the orders from stores or restaurants.

  • GPS-enabled route finder

To help drivers find users’ locations, the app will guide the driver in finding the shortest route.

  • Geofencing
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Geofencing is useful for drivers and users. Let us see how. For users, geolocation will help them know the location in which they are traveling. For drivers, this feature will be helpful to find the users’ location. Whenever drivers derail from the exact location, the app will automatically send alerts to drivers.

The above-said features are trending as both users and drivers tuck in real-time benefits.

Before wrapping up this blog, let us look at some key points to note for a successful business. They are,

  1. Know the current market trend and the competition that prevails.
  2. Your solution should solve the real-time problems of people.
  3. Retaining customers is more important than acquiring new customers. So focus on the ways to keep customers engaged with your services.
  4. Keep optimizing your business model and strategies associated with your business that will help you in the long run.

To Conclude

The core idea behind this blog is to educate you on the scope of on-demand services in 2021. I firmly believe that you will put your hands on launching the Super app. All the best!

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She also helps the firms to best adapt to the current digital transformation and help them set up their digital version of the company.


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